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Baby Bump: Week 12 Pregnancy Update

End of Trimester #1! Time a week 12 pregnancy update. Damn my tummy still looks awesome. I am super not looking forward to being so huge : (

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Baby Scan: Week 10 – Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson Medical Centre

After our last meetup with our previous gynae, Dr Wee, we decided to look around and see if there are other gynaes we could probably go with. We wanted to find someone we were 100% comfortable with. Personally, it doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female doctor. I’m cool with both. Meeting Dr Benjamin Tham was like a breadth of fresh air. He didn’t look very “modern” on his website here but he turned out to be everything…

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Where to buy Maternity Bras

Right in the first trimester of my pregnancy, my breasts already started growing. The bras I currently have are getting increasingly uncomfortable, so I started looking for where to buy maternity bras. I did not rush out to get more appropriately sized bras because I was wondering if the size will fluctuate anymore. That’s until I read the part where the Baby Book said the size at the end of the first trimester will more or less be stable and…

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Constipation During Pregnancy

Alot of women experience constipation during pregnancy. I tried a lot of ways to help alleviate this but I didn’t find anything that really helped until recently! :) Here’s are some tips that may help you alleviate constipation during pregnancy! See I tried: Eating more than 1 fresh fruit a day Eating a lot of fresh vegetables Drinking a lot of water (water & pure fruit juice) Drinking a whole glass of red dragonfruit juice & eating the fruit itself…

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Things you need to do in the first trimester

Overwhelmed when you’re pregnant? I sure was! We are first time parents and there was so much that we knew we had to research on, buy, decisions to make, etc. Fret not, here’s a guide to things you need to do in the first trimester. Friends and family who mean well will excitedly bombard you with questions and advice. A friend of mine even started asking me things like are you going to latch or pump milk? Are you going to…

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Dr. Wee Horng Yen – Gynae at Novena Medical Hospital

Dr Wee Horng Yen or Dr Benjamin Tham? I recovered enough from my shock of being pregnant to google for recommended gynae / gynecologists in Singapore. Preferably in the Novena area. My friends recommended Dr Benjamin Tham at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), but he’s super busy and the next available appointment was in like… 2 weeks?! I think I would have gone insane wondering what to do in 2 weeks. I did more research and found a forum thread talking…

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A New Stage

I remember that day when I took the pregnancy test kit at home and it came back positive. I am pregnant. I was really kinda dreading it. I missed my period, peeing a lot and had slight nausea. The husband really kinda forced me to take the test. He said “I’m quite sure you’re pregnant” but I don’t think he was mentally prepared for it all either then.

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