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This Is How To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight Fast

Losing weight gained after a pregnancy is hard. I’ve been 2 times pregnant, and gained 12kg and 14kg for each pregnancy respectively. Yes I breastfed like mad but once I stopped, the weight piled on ruthlessly. My 2nd child is now 2 yrs old and I am lighter than I was before I got pregnant. Here’s sharing how to lose weight fast, for busy moms! A guide to treatments organised by a mom’s life stages from bump to baby.

I’m a full time working mom and it’s a constant challenge trying to balance work and family. I often end up feeling guilty to both my employer and my family. Moms these days take on superhuman roles and are responsible for so many aspects of life. The younger your kids are, the more scarce me-time is.

With the limited resources (especially time and money) that we moms all have, here’s sharing a list of slimming treatments and slimming programs available in Singapore that are suitable according to a mom’s life stage from bump to baby.

Take a read through and see what suits you. I’ll share my personal recommendations on how to lose weight fast below too.

During Pregnancy

how to lose weight fast

“Eat as much as you want now that you’re pregnant!”
“You need to eat for two people!”

That’s bullshit.

What you need is to ensure you continue to have a healthy balanced diet.

During Confinement

how to lose weight fast

While Breastfeeding

how to lose weight fast

Once You Stopped Breastfeeding

how to lose weight fast

Only when you have stopped breastfeeding, you can consider a wider variety of options that may not be suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

This Quick Slim Program is also the solution that helped me lose weight most effectively.

It’s a 3 months, medicine-aided weight loss program that came with meal replacements and consultations from a nutritionist. I didn’t do any exercise at all during the 3 months because it is hard to find time for it when I have work and my family to balance (here’s why), but do note that regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet is strongly recommended.

The results are clear as day in the above pictures. This is how to lose weight fast and effectively.

I lost 3.6kg in the 1st month and then a total of 9kg at the end of the 3 months. Details in the posts below.

How I Lost 3.6kg in One Month with Halley Medical Aesthetics

This is the weight loss programme that helped me lose 9kg

I hope this article has helped a fellow mom understand the options for how to lose weight fast. Now that I have lost the weight I needed to get back into the healthy BMI range, I’m working very hard to incorporate regular exercise and keep to a healthy balanced diet. :) Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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