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Where to buy Maternity Bras

Right in the first trimester of my pregnancy, my breasts already started growing. The bras I currently have are getting increasingly uncomfortable, so I started looking for where to buy maternity bras.

I did not rush out to get more appropriately sized bras because I was wondering if the size will fluctuate anymore. That’s until I read the part where the Baby Book said the size at the end of the first trimester will more or less be stable and see me through pregnancy.

GREAT – it’s time to buy maternity bras that FIT.

Like any new mom, I was pointed to so much information on where to buy maternity bras. I just hope everything will come into place and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel as I progress in my pregnancy.

So anyhow, most importantly now, I need new bras. Simply because the current ones simply don’t fit anymore! :(

And I am SUPER HAPPY with the ones I bought from Qoo10.sg! I know it may be worrying to buy bras online but what I did was I bought 1 from a seller and tried it before buying more. :)

So here are the ones I recommend!

Seller: Baby Warehouse

#BRA 1 – I got 2 of these. :)

Honestly, when I put this on, it felt like I was wearing the most accurate sized bra I have ever worn. So drama but it’s true! It was super comfy. My usual bra size is 80B. I got myself a 90B for this and it fit very well (no need to use the extensions that it came with).

Cost: S$13.80 nett per pc! :)

#Bra 2 – I got 1 of this!

where to buy maternity bras

Personally I don’t really like bras with padding much. This is very comfy because it has very thin and has no under-wire support. For those who prefer some padding, this bra is not for you. But if you’re okay with just a thin piece of cloth, then go for this! The only thing I don’t like about this is that the straps seems to be riding really high up my back and it doesn’t cover my nipples up well :(. I wouldn’t recommend this. 

Cost: S$9.40 nett per pc!

#Bra 3 – I got 1 of this!

where to buy maternity bras

This is another one I got. All of them from the same seller. The delivery was super fast. Within 2 working days I received it and always to my delight cos it fits and it’s very comfortable. I just wish they had better colours! Like black. Haha!

Cost: S$11.30 nett per pc! :)

So I’m going to try and survive on these few bras (in addition to the other ones I already have previously) and see if I need any more. These bras all have dual functions – for maternity and for nursing. Obviously I am a long long way from nursing so I wouldn’t know if it’s all good. From a maternity point of view, these are excellent. :)

So this is where to buy maternity bras for me!

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*I am in no way paid/sponsored to write this post. I am just a very satisfied customer and believe many other mothers-to-be out there would benefit from this :)


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