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Things you need to do in the first trimester

Overwhelmed when you’re pregnant? I sure was! We are first time parents and there was so much that we knew we had to research on, buy, decisions to make, etc. Fret not, here’s a guide to things you need to do in the first trimester.

things you need to do in the first trimester

Friends and family who mean well will excitedly bombard you with questions and advice. A friend of mine even started asking me things like are you going to latch or pump milk? Are you going to send the baby to infant care or be a stay-at-home-mom or will there be someone to help you?

These are like one of the few million decisions to tackle.

From my humble experience, these are the most important things you need to do in the first trimester. Everything else can wait.

Things you need to do in the first trimester

1) Get a gynae that you feel comfortable with

I went to 2 gynaes before settling on Dr Benjamin Tham based at Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore. I found Dr Tham to be very patient, passionate (towards his job) and most importantly, I felt comfortable with him. So Dr Tham it is! The man who will see me through this next important stage of my life.

2) Buy yourself a few good maternity bras

I know it sounds kinda weird but yes, go out there and find yourself a good bra. I go to qoo10.com.sg to find mine. Read this post on it. By the end of the 1st trimester, your breasts would have become fuller and your usual bras would feel a lot tighter. Good news is, your breast size would have grown to a stable size that will see you through till birth, so go ahead and buy!

You’ll find yourself needing new bras way before you need new clothes.

3) Decide on how you’re going to announce your pregnancy!

Frivolous maybe but this is once in a lifetime! Here are some ideas on how you can to tackle your pregnancy announcement.


And that’s it! That’s probably ALL I did in the first trimester. There will be more to do in the second trimester of course but nothing you cannot handle.

Some people have it easy, some people have it hard. No matter how the first trimester treats you, keep your head up high and look forward to the second trimester!

Plus, check out this epic list of articles to help you along with your pregnancy journey. :)


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