Wedding Preparations

With so many details to take care of and only one of you, wedding preparations can be quite overwhelming. is a Singapore-based blog with useful information to make wedding planning for fellow brides-to-be a breeze.

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How To Plan A Practical Wedding In Singapore

Planning a wedding be really stressful and I know of people who actually quit their job and go at it full time. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury for that. You’ll find lots of pictures along with reviews of all the wedding vendors I engaged like my wedding makeup artist, bridesmaid dresses, wedding photography, to all aspects of the wedding dinner! I hope this list will help you in planning a wedding in Singapore! :)

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My Wedding Photographer Captured These Precious Moments

The day I got married. I was looking through some photos and stumbled upon photos taken by my wedding photographer. Awwww.. :) Thought I’ll share some pictures that I love most from the morning gatecrashing. These shots are taken by my actual day wedding photographer, Al Tan. ▲ Taken while I was all ready and waiting for my groom to come pick me up! ▲ My family isn’t an affectionate lot of people. Here’s an emotional shot for the century.…

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My Bridesmaids in Pink from Occasion Dresses

The first brand that popped to mind when I wanted to get my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding was Occasion Dresses at 100AM mall. I used to hate being fitted into bridesmaid dresses because I am not the usual skinny, small framed kinda girl which means most dress cutting that fits the majority, usually doesn’t fit me. I like that Occasion Dresses has MANY DIFFERENT CUTTINGS of bridesmaid dresses in the same colour shades. All I had to do was…

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Our Wedding Thumbprint Tree

I’m back with a wedding update! As a fun supplement to the usual wedding guest signature book that is usually provided by the hotel, we decided to have something fun and unique. I did a lot of research online and possible options and decided to go with a wedding thumbprint tree. A wedding thumbprint tree is a poster where people can stamp their fingerprints and sign (optional) on it as a “I was here“. :) My wedding designer, Hellen (from Rosette…

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My Beautiful Wedding Hair

Time to update about my brown and red ombre wedding hair colour which was beautiful!! For the wedding, I wanted my hair to look awesome – ok la, who doesn’t want to look awesome. So anyway, I knew I didn’t want black hair and after going to the same hairstylist at the same hair studio for 1.5 years, I know what a good colour can do to enhance one’s look. I decided to go to Caely Tham to get my hair…

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A Beautiful Smile – Porcelain Veneers

I got porcelain veneers for my wedding at Bangkok Smile Dental. Earlier this year, in preparation for my wedding, I made a solo trip to Bangkok (the husband later joined me) for a life-changing experience. I went to make my childhood dream come true. I went to get Porcelain Veneers done for my teeth. It’s been awhile already but everyday I look in the mirror, I am thankful for the great people I met at Bangkok Smile Dental who made…

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Wedding Decoration: The Day We Got Married…

…our wedding venue was transformed into a dream. We engaged Hellen (my wedding designer from Rosette Design & Co) to create our dream pinterest-worthy wedding and the wedding decoration job she did was superb! This is a super delayed post but I hope you enjoy reading anyhoo! :) Wedding Decoration Photos Here’s sharing heaps of photos of our actual day wedding decoration. :) Everything you see are designed by my wedding designer except for the flowers. The flowers were from the hotel.…

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Saying ‘I Do" With A Fabulous Customised Wedding Cake

And no, it’s not those fake wedding cakes that the hotels/restaurants usually provide too. We said “I Do” with a real, and very fabulous customised wedding cake! We knew right from the start that we did not want the ‘fake’ cake that everyone has at their weddings. We wanted a fancy one, a real one that can be shared with our guests! After watching COUNTLESS episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride and David Tutera Weddings, we knew we needed to find…

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