Here are all the tips and reviews I’ve written on slimming and how to lose weight fast in Singapore. From aesthetic treatments to dieting, I’ve tried a crazy variety of ways to lose weight. Some work, some don’t, some require too much work. Check them all out here.

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BottomSlim Treatment Review

There are many ways to look better physically. There’s exercise, there’s dieting, there’s also heaps of slimming centres out there, and to find the right solution, you need to first be clear what your objective is. When I visited BottomSlim, my objective was clear. I wanted to lose inches off my thighs. I exercised 1-2x a week and avoided carbs as much as possible, and I still wasn’t losing the inches I wanted off my thighs.  Committing to a diet…

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Reasons Why This Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment Is So Popular!

This fat reduction and body contouring treatment is super popular now and I can see why! Non-invasive, painless, no downtime, FDA-approved and completely fuss-free, Vanquish ME is a super effective way to lose the inches.

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Woah this body contouring treatment actually works!

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram Stories (@ngjuann), you might have noticed that I’ve just started on a new body contouring treatment, Viva Beauty at Nue Shape, a beauty salon located to Downtown Gallery. 

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CoolSculpting in Singapore: Before & After Photos

Are you thinking of going for CoolSculpting in Singapore? I recently did a CoolSculpting treatment back in April this year at Halley Medical Aesthetics with Dr Terence Tan. It’s been 3 months since the treatment and it’s time to share the before & after results! Throughout the 3 months, I didn’t do anything special to lose weight or fat. I went about my daily life, without much exercise :( It usually takes about 3 months for you to see the…

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The Ugly Truth About What Happens To Your Body After Childbirth

What happens after childbirth is rarely discussed. Childbirth can transform your body in weird and not-so-wonderful ways. An old acquaintance met me recently and said I look the same after having 2 kids. It inspired me to write this article to share the ugly truth about what happens to your body after childbirth.

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These Popular Fat Reduction Treatments Are So Easy To Love

I tried quite a lot of body slimming and fat reduction treatments in Singapore, so here’s a list of reviews where I share my personal experience with fat reduction treatments offered by aesthetic clinics in Singapore. Here’s the whole list for your quick and easy reference!

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This Is How To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight Fast

Losing weight gained after a pregnancy is hard. I’ve been 2 times pregnant, and gained 12kg and 14kg for each pregnancy respectively. Yes I breastfed like mad but once I stopped, the weight piled on ruthlessly. My 2nd child is now 2 yrs old and I am lighter than I was before I got pregnant. Here’s sharing how to lose weight fast, for busy moms! A guide to treatments organised by a mom’s life stages from bump to baby.

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This Is How My CoolSculpting Treatment Went.

CoolSculpting in Singapore is a procedure where you kill your fat cells by freezing it to sub zero temperatures. It is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Sound too good to be true?

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