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Work Pants from Spring Maternity

Featuring work pants that I got from Spring Maternity! Loving how stretchy and comfortable it is over my ginormous bump! I am starting to see why people who aren’t pregnant but still go back to Spring Maternity for their clothes. All the clothes are easily adjustable, and very flexible. You could grow/shrink a few sizes throughout pregnancy and the same thing you buy from Spring Maternity always seems to fit still. Bottom: Straight Andria Pants Navy $69.90, Spring Maternity Shoes: Women’s Crocs Cobbler…

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Celebrating the bump with Cottony Photography

I’m really glad I went with Cottony Photography for my maternity shoot. I was looking forward to doing a maternity shoot regardless of how fat or ugly I may look. I wanted to capture the moment for my child and for ourselves. One is only pregnant for 9 months and it’s a unique phase in my life I want to remember – besides I don’t know if I will ever be pregnant again. One day it will be nice to…

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Where’s My Belly Button!

Pregnancy is quite the funny thing. There are heaps I can tell you about it. Today, I woke up and exclaimed to Peter, “BABY I LOST MY BELLY BUTTON”. That, and all the things I miss about not being pregnant.

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Baby Bump: Week 24 Pregnancy Update

I go to Dr Tham, my gynae, once a month. So from my Week 12, Week 16, Week 21 and now Week 24 pregnancy update, time’s been flying by real quickly. My visit to Dr Tham this week was BAD. He announced that my crazy weight gain within a month is too much (4kg) and that I need to control my diet (because of my condition). I admit, I have been having too much carbs, and enjoying too many scoops…

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#LOTD Maternity Wear

Maternity LOTD update! Being pregnant makes me feel super huge all over :( I thought I could go through my entire pregnancy with my normal clothes (since most of my clothes aren’t that tight fitting), and I did go through my entire 1st Trimester without the need for extra clothes but now that I have gotten wayyyy bigger, I had to hunt for good quality maternity wear. Maternity wear that will last me through the rest of my pregnancy as…

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Products To Use During Pregnancy For Stretch Marks and Tired Feet

Everything changes when you are pregnant. Some more than others. Some have it better than others. Some not so much. The thing is, there will be change. The kind of products to use during pregnancy changes too.

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Baby Bump: Week 21 Pregnancy Update

Week 21 pregnancy update – It’s been quite a breeze of a pregnancy so far. I feel like my usual self with all of my usual energy. The only thing bothering me mostly is how bulky I have become so quickly after Week 20. It’s like a sudden surge of growth!

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Pregnancy Fears Puts New Meaning Into Baby Blues

You know, today I decided to talk a little about pregnancy fears, and how I feel about being… pregnant and being a mother so very soon. You’ll think 9-10 months is a short gestation time but really, ask any mother to be and they’ll tell you it really isn’t. The first trimester passes by the quickest. You really only find out you are pregnant around 7-10 weeks (missed period after the 4th week). By then, more than half your first trimester…

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