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It's 2014. Is plastic surgery still a taboo?

I got inspired by this post that MFP recently published on whether plastic surgery is still a taboo in this day and age. There’s really no definite answer for this and it varies from person to person.

Who doesn’t want to look as picture perfect as Korean singers/actresses.

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Because I blog about beauty and am constantly aware of the latest and the greatest in the world of enhancing a women’s looks whether it’s through plastic surgery, skincare or makeup, plastic surgery is generally not a taboo for me. For those who go overboard with aesthetic enhancements, I only wonder what they must have gone through in life to make them want the change so badly – cos plastic surgery ain’t painless or cheap.

I do believe that for the rest of the people who don’t blog or aren’t personally involved in/interested in aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery is still frowned upon.

Well each to his own really.

Take liposuction for example. It’s a well known invasive treatment for reducing the fat in your body. Do I need it? Yes. But would I do it, well, I would definitely do more research on the risks involved and the actual procedure before I commit. If a friend is going to go do it and is well educated on everything there is to know about the procedure, then I’ll say go for it and then come back and tell me how it all went and show me how it worked for you k! Haha!


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