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5 Tips To Survive CNY

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Chinese New Year is round the corner but with all the feasting that is to come, we’re all so going to get fat!! Before you indulge, and I really try not to spoil the fun here, do check out how many calories there are in popular CNY goodies.

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But don’t worry! I got you covered. Here are 5 tips on how to survive this year’s CNY without gaining too much weight!

#1: Don’t go visiting on an empty stomach! 

For obvious reasons! Eat healthily prior to visiting friends and families. You know how they always have loads of goodies served? When you’re hungry, it’s so easy to lose control and shovel those goodies down!

#2: Find someone you like and make conversation

Time flies when you are having fun. Don’t find yourself reaching for that dreaded CNY goodie out of boredom while visiting! Go find someone to talk to or play mahjong or, find something interesting to watch on TV!

#3: Drink water

Avoid all sugared drinks! CNY is once a year. It’s okay to eat in moderation but do avoid the sugared drinks if you’re going to be snacking!

#4: Be conscious of what you eat/drink

You’ll be surprised how much less you’ll tend to eat when you consciously take note of what you put in your mouth. Think of all those ridiculous hours you have to spend in the gym just to burn off one Bak Kwa.

#5: Chew slowly

Studies has shown that chewing slowly gives your brain the 20 minutes it needs to realise you’ve had enough. That’s how our body works! :)

With these tips in mind, snack wisely! :) Happy Chinese New Year to one and all! :)


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