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You Made Me A Mother, Daniel

I don’t know how one month flew by the way it did. Before we know it, we were planning Daniel’s full month party celebration in Singapore. 

full month party

1 month ago, Peter and I were nervously making our way to the hospital, we knew you were ready to say hi.

Even after 9 months of pregnancy, I wasn’t quite ready to be a mom. We attended classes, we bought baby stuff, I read books and did heaps of reading online.

And then they put Daniel in my arms, crying his little lungs out as he announces his arrival to the world.

In this last month, I soothed him, I held him, I fed him… I cooed and cuddled and I fell in love. Watching him grow up day by day made me realise how happy it made me.

Yes, there were times when I wanted to give up and many times I cried. During the late nights, his hospitalisation (for jaundice), his spurts of incessant crying, I questioned my sanity and nearly wanted to fall on my mother’s feet and tell her I get it.

But then there were always the good times when you fed happily, you cooed happily, you sat and made cute faces and held on to my fingers and fell asleep in my arms.

I held him, hoping he’ll take his time to grow up.

Don’t grow up so fast ok Daniel? The faster you grow, the older Daddy and Mommy will be. :(

I’ve watched myself change in the last month. I never thought I could love another being. But then he came in our lives and he made me a mother.

Thank you to all our friends and family who made it to our small little celebratory full month party for the little one. We’re gonne deposit all the red packets into his little bank account and release it to him when he turns 21!

Daniel’s Baby Full Month Party

We were so busy catching up with our friends and family that we forgot to take many pictures! But I wanted to share this full month party door gift I got for all my guests. They were very well received and got their own fair share of OOOhhhs and AAhhhhs! :)

full month party

I got these from babyinlove (update: they are unfortunately permanently closed) I finally found what I was looking for – a sweet door gift that could basically last more than one day! :) Every baby shower I go to usually has these ang ku kueh (tortoise cakes), red eggs and perhaps a cupcake in it. I like the tradition it stands for but the unfortunate thing is, it usually has to be eaten within the same day!

We did make our own red eggs, glutinous rice and buy ang ku kueh (from Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh store at Everton Park) for our guests to eat when they came over.

Now back to the cute packaging the door gifts came with:

full month party

Love the cute shade of cute and the words that say “It’s a boy!” by the side of the box.

full month party

I got a personalised card as well so that my guests remember this day. The photos of Daniel are super nice cos I had them taken professionally by Cottony Photography (read here).

The cookies are simply ADORABLE. Too cute to eat!! My friend whatsapped me after the celebration and told her she didn’t know how to eat it cos it’s too cute! I evilly told her to bite off the giraffe’s head and start from there. Haha!

full month party

I got some Giraffes, Owls, Frogs and Elephants for my guests! :) Super ♥! Do check them out if you’re looking for man hue / full month party door gifts for friends and family!

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