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Treat Dull Skin With Laser

I hardly get any breakouts and my skin condition is pretty okay. The biggest issue I have with my complexion is the lack of radiance, especially at the end of every workday.

If I meet someone or go for an event after work at like 7pm, I look like shit! And no amount of powder can help to save it. Dull skin just is DULL.

How I wish I looked like how I look like every morning when my face is freshly washed and freshly made up.

During my last visit to Dr Hui Yun at The DRx Clinic, I lamented to her. My skin is soooo dull! She’d know. She can see it too, since I always see her on a weekday after work. She recommended that I go for the Combi Laser Therapy.

The combi laser uses a combination of yellow and green light to treat a number of skin conditions – acne, rosacea, red scars, broken capillaries, pigmentation, dark eye circles, general skin lightening. The specific wavelength of light can be adjusted so that it is either selectively absorbed by melanin cells to remove pigmentation, or by red blood cells to remove tiny facial blood vessels contributing to redness.

The best part about this laser is that it does not give any downtime, and is extremely safe.

My therapist put some cold gel over my face and covered my eyes with protective eye googles before Dr Hui Yun did the laser treatment (which took less than 20 mins). It was COMPLETELY painless. I keep thinking laser will always have some form of bearable pain but I don’t feel any thing at all for this one.

The next day, I looked like that!

 photo CIMG9117_zpstd2c0old.jpg


I have since recommended this to many many friends! One of my girlfriends who is getting married soon has been going to Dr Hu Yun regularly to prep her skin for her wedding. There is seriously no better way to prep than to be armed with a few sessions of laser.

In fact, my skin was so good following the laser therapy that I didn’t need much base makeup! <3 So now you know achieving radiant skin is sooooo easy!! Everybody should go!

Mention ‘Ju Ann/Blogger’ when making an appointment and you’re in for a special treat.


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