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Allure Review: Hydra-Slim Treatment

Some time back, I went to Allure Beauty Saloon at City Square Mall to review their newly launched slimming treatment called Hydra-Slim Body Treatment.

Allure promises that you can achieve the AFTER results of a 200 sit ups session with this specialised targeted body treatment from Japan. It focuses on your area concerns and works to tone and firm up troubled spots.

It’s been about 1.5 years since I gave birth but I still have this little post-pregnancy pouch which REALLY should not be there. :(

This is a one-time trial and while I prefer to write about treatments I personally go at for an extended period of time, but I wanted to see what this treatment is all about… I mean like, 200 sit ups? What’s that gonne be like?

Using the Ultra Sonic technology, this treatment works with a good combination of power packed ingredients to soften fats, minimize cellulite, and increase the production of collage and elastin.

Hydra Slim Allure Review photo 33_zps0q3s5lmk.jpg

Here’s the MT Ultrasonic wave system that’s from Japan. It’s the machine used in this treatment to assist in eliminating fat cells, toning and firming! This device was vibrating because of the waves, and the little water droplets kept bouncing up and down.

Hydra Slim Allure Review photo 34224_zpspi9qwod8.jpg

My therapist applied this on one side of my tummy together with the highly concentrated gel. High concentrations of the ingredients in this treatment make the muscle work harder, help to increase metabolism and tightens the body shape.

I can’t remember how long one side of the treatment took but it’s painless! Check out the “after effect” on the side that is treated.

Hydra Slim Review photo 3q1_zpstix8r5ri.jpg

Is it my wishful thinking or did this simple treatment give me a hint of my upper abs back?????? :O :O

The mild redness is the result of my body flushing out toxins, and completely painless. I’m TONER already!

After this step, she went on and gave me quite a stellar tummy massage (I am a fan of tummy massages) and then proceeded to wrap my tummy up.

Hydra Slim Allure Review photo 31_zpsulrshonw.jpg

I had a little water retention situation and I thought this treatment REALLY helped with the detoxification. I felt lighter like how you would after detoxing!

Allure Beauty says that the Hydra-Slim Body Treatment yields immediate and long lasting results. I won’t know about long lasting results, but I did see measurable results* in 1 single session. I lost the following:

Upper abdomen: -2cm
Waist 90cm: -1.5cm
Lower abdomen / belly: -4cm

If you’re interested in long term, my therapist told me that it only requires only 6-10 treatments consisting of 20-30 minutes each to see long lasting results. As with most slimming treatments, you’ll also have to maintain a sensible diet and incorporate physical activities in your life to get better results.

I was invited to review this treatment but all opinions are of my own. 


The Hydra-Slim Body Treatment costs $380 per session (60 mins), 1st trial is priced at $88*

Allure Beauty Saloon
West Mall (next to Bukit Batok MRT Station), #04 – 10/11.
Contact: 6898 2242.

City Square Mall (next to Farrer Park MRT Station), #03 – 29/30
Contact: 6509 8859

*Do note that the results may vary with individuals due to different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones.

^All details are accurate at the time of publishing. Please check with Allure Beauty Salon for the most up to date information.


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