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Singapore Blog Awards 2012 – Best Beauty Blog


How do I feel??

I’m really excited and honoured to be one of the finalists for omy.sg’s Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog Award 2012. Here’s why:

Mary Chia is a very well known and established brand that has been around for 30 years. They offer beauty, spa and slimming treatments – all of which I’m very interested in.
Omy.sgs annual Singapore Blog Awards is one award that bloggers in Singapore want to be associated with. Last year’s “history gets social” award event was a smashing sucess.
Together with Mary Chia, I am going to organise a spa party for my readers and friends! We are given $300 and complete freeplay in organising the event!

The other 9 finalists in the Singapore Blog Award for the Beauty category are extremely hardworking, and insightful women. I’m truly honoured to be amongst them. You can check them out here.

Why Vote for me?

Well since some part of winning this entails getting votes, I hope you like me enough to vote for me! Every single one of your votes count. I’ll continue to work hard on managing the ever-challenging task of balancing work and my interest in blogging.

To those who have voted for me, thank you so much. :) Blogging demands a lot of time, creativity, effort and dedication. And I’m thankful it’s paying off, that I’m reaching out to more people than I did before.

Reflecting and grateful.

I started blogging many years ago.. Starting out with just sharing my views on life – all the good and the bad. Then in
To be honest, I hardly have time to be cracking my head for inspirations nowadays. There are many brands who are very involved in social media now, giving me so many opportunities to learn, and to experience. The Ju Ann today is so much more knowledgeable about beauty than she was 3 years ago.

Click banner above to vote for me k! :)

This is my 570 post, signing off. Adios!


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