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Knitted Nail Art by Manicure Mermaid

Got a nail update recently. I went to Manicure Mermaid again. I decided that it’s time to FINALLY try the knitted nail design that I have been wanting to try for quite awhile.

Knitted nail design is basically knitted sweater patterns embossed on the nail. I really like how the embossed effect makes the design really stand out. Knitted nails are so incredibly feminine yet edgy… simple yet sweet…

Mermaid Manicure Review photo bbb_zpslnmebb4y.jpg

It may look easy but a lot of patience is needed for the meticulous work needed to get the desired effect. Sharlene uses a paint brush to draw the knitted patterns on my nail section by section, and build it up slowly to give the 3D effect.

Mermaid Manicure Review photo aaa_zps0t7gtyjz.jpg

Sharlene, the owner, is also very responsible and passionate about her work. There was once a bling fell off a few days after my manicure session and she came all the way to my house to repair it without me asking her to! #PassionMaximum.

Mermaid Manicure Review photo ccc_zpsggdcejfu.jpg

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I sure got a lot of compliments for it! Even from men! They were like omg what’s that on your nail? Haha! I had to tell them that there’s so much more than plain colour nail colours!

Manicure Mermaid is a home-based nail salon that is super conveniently located right in town.

Oh if you’re looking nail art inspiration, do check out my Pinterest Album! I am always looking out for TO-DIE-FOR nail art to try out. :)


Manicure Mermaid provides ONLY Gelish-Manicure services.

By Appointment Only.
Contact/Text: 91553621 / Sharlene
Located at Carpenter Street


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