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Expect Haze To Hit Us Earlier This Year, Experts Says

This recurring haze situation in Singapore is quite the dread. I remember 1 year when the haze hit Singapore unexpectedly and everyone in Singapore started on a mad rush to every store to buy any type of purifier that they can get their hands on. Well, no more of that. I have a novita Purifier ready for the next round of incoming haze.

I refer to this article published by The Straits Times earlier this year in Jan 27. 2015

While the National Environment Agency had said this year’s dry spell was not likely to be as bad as last year’s drought, experts told The Straits Times last week the haze could come earlier this year. This will happen if the dry weather in Malaysia triggers wildfires, with winds carrying the smoke over to the Republic.

Haze in Singapore usually occurs from May to October, caused by winds bringing in smoke from the forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Singapore is affected by severe smoke haze periodically as a result of forest fires in neighbouring countries. This is due to the practice of open burning to clear land for agricultural uses. The situation is worsened during dry seasons or if there are changes in wind direction and low rainfall.

Whenever haze hits Singapore, the air quality really makes it unbearable to breathe properly. I still remember 2014, when the haze took me by surprise. Everyone all had trouble breathing. I closed the windows and doors and it was super stuffy. I ended up having to switch on all the air conditioners in the rooms just to cool the living room.

In the day time, when I was in office, I looked out the windows and it was like I was working amidst the clouds! It was that hazy!! All the purifiers were sold out. We were so desperate we went online and bought whatever we could find. Any little bit would help we figured.

I mean like, all we had were face masks!! :/

This year?

This year, we are way more prepared. We welcomed the novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP 620 into our home in early May.

novita purifier

Dr Ang Keng Been, president of Indoor Air Quality Society Singapore, believes that an air purifier with two filters – HEPA and carbon – is enough to clean indoor air. There may be a lot of other fancy features in various brands but none of those features replace what these 2 filters do.

The novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP 620 cleans the air in 5 ways:


In short, the novita Purifier does these:

• Large particles are trapped by the washable mesh filter
• Unpleasant odours are absorbed by the granular activated carbon filter
• Airborne germs and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are oxidised and eliminated by the cool catalyst filter
• Up to 99.97% of airborne allergens and germs are removed by the highly efficient True HEPA filter
• More than 40 million negative ions are produced by the semi-permanent built-in ionizer to keep airborne allergens and germs at bay and freshen up your indoor air quality!

Plussss it’s so quiet too!

This novita Purifier may not be the CHEAPEST or the most EXPENSIVE filter in the market but it suits my needs!


I feel so ready to take on the haze when it comes!! I’ll so hate to be in the same situation as before, panicking only when the haze hits (just like everyone else) and then go to stores only to find that all the popular ones like the novita Purifier has already sold out on their purifiers!


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You can purchase the Novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP 620 at the Novita Estore.

To learn more about Novita, do check out their website and facebook.

Disclosure: I was given a Novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP 620 for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are my own.


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