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My Wedding Photographer Captured These Precious Moments

The day I got married. I was looking through some photos and stumbled upon photos taken by my wedding photographer. Awwww.. :) Thought I’ll share some pictures that I love most from the morning gatecrashing. These shots are taken by my actual day wedding photographer, Al Tan.

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▲ Taken while I was all ready and waiting for my groom to come pick me up!

wedding photographer

▲ My family isn’t an affectionate lot of people. Here’s an emotional shot for the century. Thanks Al for capturing this one!

Wedding Photographer

▲ This photo may look like any other photo to you but to my husband, this is the result of over 20 yrs of friendship. Jeffrey grew up with my husband in Australia and while there was a long period of time when they didn’t contact each other, their friendship remained strong and Jeffrey even flew down from Macau to Singapore to be my husband’s best man.

Wedding Photographer

▲ This is Joyce, one of my bridesmaids. She doesn’t always look like this I promise you. But she was so happy to get the ang bao! And they deserve it for all the hard work! :)

Wedding Photographer

▲ And of course, a shot of us after the husband went through all the awesome gatecrashing games my bridesmaids organised! Haha!

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