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Saying ‘I Do" With A Fabulous Customised Wedding Cake

And no, it’s not those fake wedding cakes that the hotels/restaurants usually provide too. We said “I Do” with a real, and very fabulous customised wedding cake!

We knew right from the start that we did not want the ‘fake’ cake that everyone has at their weddings. We wanted a fancy one, a real one that can be shared with our guests! After watching COUNTLESS episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride and David Tutera Weddings, we knew we needed to find someone really good at customised wedding cake in Singapore

Customised Wedding Cake

It is just as important as the wedding dress and bouquet. The cake makes a statement by how good it looks and how great it tastes.

In fact, besides this wedding cake, the husband even asked if we should get a Groom’s cake. OMG.

What is a groom’s cake? Traditionally, it’s a gift from the bride to the groom that reflects his personality and interests in his favorite cake flavor. The groom’s cake is displayed next to the wedding cake, and typically, it’s later cut and put into boxes for guests to take home. (examples of a groom’s cake)

So anyhoo, no, groom’s cake for him, cos who’s going to eat his cake?! It’s fattening! LOL. Don’t worry I have a lifetime to make it up to him, I’m no monster.

Now, back to the cake for our wedding. Prior to our wedding, we did a lot of research.

Design Inspiration

Considering our wedding theme, we knew we wanted something that was pink and white. At the end of the day, we want a lovely cake that people would go wow over. :) Here are some that I found on Google & on Pinterest.

wedding cake singapore

wedding cake singapore

Love the roses and the ombre colour effect. Matches my wedding theme too.

Baker Who Customised My Wedding Cake

I googled a lot, checked out reviews and finally came across Temptations Cakes. The legacy homegrown cake shop Temptations traces its roots to 1985 when its founders identified a niche in the quality and availability of gourmet cakes in Singapore at the time. In they stepped to fill the niche and success came fast as its signature etoile cake, amongst other delicious offerings, won the hearts of many foodies, dessert lovers and those who enjoy the finer things in life. Today, they do a lot of wedding cakes, cakes for special occasions, cupcakes, fondant cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, macaroons, and more! You can check out all their creations on their Facebook page here.

I’m super excited to work with them cos their bakers can design any cake I want!!! Excitedness!!! And they were really professional and advised us to get a 3.5kg cake, assuming everyone would just have a little slice of the cake. :)

I loved how they replied real quick and really understood what I like. Based on the wedding theme I sent them and the references I had, they totally got it!

Our Wedding Cake!

Are you ready to see our final Wedding Cake? :)

Presenting… our Pink Ombré Rosettes from Temptations Cakes!

Customised Wedding Cake

I love it I love it I love it!! Our multi-tiered cake has roses and ombre effect from top to bottom – sooo beautiful! This cake feeds 100 and was totally enough! Everyone got a slice of our happiness.

I love the little details they put into this cake even though most won’t notice it except me! :) The many hearts at the base and the cute dolly couple at the very top… awwwww!!

Wedding Cake

Look at us!! Awwww such a funny shot!! The husband was making it look like it was a challenge to cut the wedding cake and I was laughing at him. :P

I was lucky to get a slice too at the end of the whole wedding and I got to say, I really like how dense the wedding cake was and the chocolate flavour was not too sweet too. Perfection. :)

If you’re looking for a trusted baker for customised wedding cake in Singapore, look no further than Temptations Cakes! :)


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