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BottomSlim Treatment Review

There are many ways to look better physically. There’s exercise, there’s dieting, there’s also heaps of slimming centres out there, and to find the right solution, you need to first be clear what your objective is. When I visited BottomSlim, my objective was clear. I wanted to lose inches off my thighs. I exercised 1-2x a week and avoided carbs as much as possible, and I still wasn’t losing the inches I wanted off my thighs. 


Committing to a diet and exercise routine can help in overall weight loss and slimming but it doesn’t always help if you are looking to get rid of stubborn fat deposits in specific areas. 

At BottomSlim, they focus inch loss, not weight loss, targeting most noticeable areas including the tummy, hip and thighs. Their treatments are done through natural, non-invasive methods with proprietary equipment & technology.

During my consultation at BottomSlim, the consultant there asked me about my diet habits and gave me a lot of tips on how to tweak my lifestyle for better results. 

The treatment she did for me actually helped me lose 1cm off EACH thigh at the end of 1 treatment. The treatment program had a range of trimming techniques, thermal cellulite treatments and muscle toning combined with a range of topical creams and gels to help me contour and shape up all the loose fat and flab. 

BottomSlim Treatment

It was a 2 step treatment consisting of: 

1) e-matrix to help detox the body of toxins (read why is detoxification is crucial in fat burning). This was completely painless and lasted 20mins.

bottomslim treatment

2) Oxifat Blast Treatment to help oxidise fats at targeted areas by applying a serum called G Boost to accelerate fat burn. This had some discomfort in parts where my fats were firm and stubborn but I loved knowing that my fats were getting oxidised. You may also experience some bruising after this treatment, it’s completely normal. 

After the treatment, my consultant measured me and I lost 1cm off EACH thigh. All in just 1 session and I did nothing but lie there. That’s pretty awesome!

BottomSlim Home Care Products

bottomslim treatment products

I was given Nano X Plus Triple Gel  & G Boost + Serum for home care.  This gel helps to tone and firm the abs, thighs, hips, buttocks and restores overall body skin elasticity.  It features a proprietary complex with ingredients to create a refined silhouette and improve the appearance of problem areas. 

The G Boost + serum helps to fight stubborn fat which comes as a result of fatty food intake, stress, and other reasons related to our modern lifestyle.


The Oxifat Blast Treatment is now going for just $20 (U.P. $500) for the first 20 of you who PM BottomSlim Official Facebook Page for redemption with this code <BS-JuAnn>. ?

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Do note that results of treatment will vary for each individual.


This is a paid advertorial for BottomSlim Singapore.

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