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CoolSculpting in Singapore: Before & After Photos

Are you thinking of going for CoolSculpting in Singapore? I recently did a CoolSculpting treatment back in April this year at Halley Medical Aesthetics with Dr Terence Tan. It’s been 3 months since the treatment and it’s time to share the before & after results!

CoolSculpting In Singapore

Throughout the 3 months, I didn’t do anything special to lose weight or fat. I went about my daily life, without much exercise :(

It usually takes about 3 months for you to see the most optimal results, and boy was I excited!!!

CoolSculpting in Singapore7

Click HERE to see what the CoolSculpting treatment is like!

CoolSculpting In Singapore

Leading up to the post treatment review, I could already feel and see the difference when I look into the mirror. At the review with Dr Terence Tan, we put all the photos we took before and after and compared it side by side.

Before the CoolSculpting treatment, he marked out the areas that required treatment. This helped me visualise the area that we’ll have the treatment done and also helps the Doctor take accurate and similar before & after photos for better comparison. When you see my photos later in this post, you’ll understand why.

Before & After Photos

After 3 months, I went back for a review to see the results and here’s how the review went.

halley medical coolsculpting

halley medical coolsculpting

Now, check out for a closeup of the CoolSculpting treatment before & after photos!

coolsculpting before & after

Check out how much better my outer thighs look!!

I am very happy with the results. Look at my left thigh especially, the slight bump is completely gone. This result was achieved within 1 CoolSculpting treatment. Before the treatment, Dr Terence Tan took a look at my thighs and told me that based on his experience, I would see very good results on my outer thighs and he was right!

Now let’s look at my muffin top area.

Coolsculpting Halley Medical

This is for my tummy area. The area marked with black ink is where I got the treatment done. The bulge I used to have there has gone down quite a bit! My jeans fit my hips a lot better now. It’s just amazing comparing the before & after photos.

I feel like getting CoolSculpting done all over my body now! Just remember that there are many CoolSculpting / Fat Freezing lookalike treatments in Singapore, and the prices can vary greatly. Only doctors and weight management clinic staff specially trained in CoolSculpting can administer this (definitely not at a small beauty or slimming centre).

Do make sure you consult a doctor before embarking on CoolSculpting in Singapore.


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  1. October 27, 2019 / 1:12 am

    Is this a sponsored post?
    How much does it cost (Estimated) for 1 treatment on the abdominal?
    Are there any hidden fees?
    Any package involves?

    • Ju Ann
      October 28, 2019 / 10:09 am

      Hello Cindy, do check with Halley Medical Aesthetics for the price :) https://www.halley.com.sg/book-an-appointment
      No need for package. You can go for 1x if you want but I believe they do have packages that give you better value.