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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Cheap LED Light Bulbs

[ADV] I’ve always been a long time advocate of using LED Light Bulbs. Not only for energy saving purposes and their long lifetimes, but I’ve also learnt that not every LED Light Bulb is created equal. I had to replace some light bulbs at home some time back and it was superrrr troublesome.

I’ve learnt my lesson never to buy cheap light bulbs anymore!

Philips Lighting recently gave me heaps of information about their range of LED Light Bulbs and they have 2 easy to watch videos which I thought it’ll be great to share with you, hence this post. :)

5 Reasons Why Glare Is Bad for You

Reason 2 is quite funny la!! I find glaring lights very distracting. Sometimes I stare into it and then I get really distracted.

I used to have really dim lights in the house and then I got so frustrated that I changed everything to the brightest light bulbs I could find and then I ended up having to deal with glare. -.-

LED Light Bulbs

Looking at electronic devices & reading without proper lighting is really bad for our eyes. I don’t want my kids to start wearing spectacles so early in life! Good habits start from young, but just too bad technology wasn’t so advanced back during my childhood times…

Do Your Lights Flicker?

The lights at my home seem to last only 2 years or so, and that’s awfully frequent! I’ve had a few flicker on me and I always take it out immediately as soon as it flickers.

LED Light Bulbs

It’s very painful on my eyes when I’m in a room with flickering lights – I can only imagine how bad it would be for my kids. Seeing them rub and squint their eyes really makes me consider hard when shopping for lights! Daniel loves reading too so I need to make sure he gets good lighting.

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I have learnt the hard way that saving money by buying cheap light bulbs isn’t really very wise. I end up wasting more money, effort and time replacing it every time one of them goes out. :( The worst is those that are not easily replaceable by myself. Having to call a handyman to help is so costly and troublesome.

Anyway, if you are looking to buy new light solutions, remember to buy it from a reputable brand okay! I always tell friends around me that you can taobao and save on decorations, small items or easy-to-replace items around the house, but NEVER buy things like lightings and permanent fixtures (toilet bowl, sink, etc) cheaply. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Do you have tips on lighting solutions to share as well? I’ll love to hear from you in the comments below!


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