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Why Botox And Fillers?

Hi Everyone! Here’s sharing a little on my thoughts about Botox and Fillers. When I first heard I would be sponsored by Prive Clinic, I was mad happy and excited. I told my parents and BF. And they all had HUGE concerns. I told my best friends and they were concerned too. It made me a little worried.

Parents: Why? You look pretty already!
BF: I like you the way you are! Botox is dangerous! What if something goes wrong?
BFFs: Har… is that a good idea? Why do you need it?

I am sure many can relate to this.

There were quite a few blogger events recently and I started to seek the advise of other beauty bloggers. And omg?! Most of them were in their early to late twenties and MOST of them have already done it or are contemplating it. Not just non-invasive treatments like Botox and Fillers but also invasive ones like nose reduction and going under the knife for dimples!

I met Mikko and she was sharing with me about her botox in her area for a V shape face… she loved it. You can read more about her experience here.

I met Wendy as well, and she was raving about her new nose bridge, thanks to nose fillers by Dr Karen Soh. Her experience here.

After talking to more peers, I felt a little better and more confident. I read more online about these treatments. I never like having an opinion about something that I am not clear about.

Here were some websites to share:
All About Botox and Fillers on Cozycot Forums
People sharing about doing Cheek Fillers in Singapore
Contouring your face with fillers
Botox for Jaw Muscle
Botox – Which Part to Use On

Throughout my one week of consideration, I discovered that so many around me still had the misconception of what Botox and Fillers was 20 years ago. The age of “frozen smilies and faces” made popular by celebrities who had all of these treatments badly done.

And ONLY those who had it badly done were given the limelight. The best jobs that MANY celebrities had are those that go undetected. Jennifer Aniston, the world’s sexist woman has done it. And how many of us know it?

And I decided I am young only once. Hence, let’s do it!! :D And I can tell you, now that I have done it, I don’t regret it! Stay tuned for my next post!


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