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Week 38 pregnancy update – You guessed it, I’m still baking

[This is a belated post] Week 38 pregnancy update and still baking. Last I saw my gynae, he is pleased that I have only gained 1kg, making my total weight gain till date 14kg…

I know. *BIG GASP*. I feel ridiculously clumsy, heavy and fat. I am even inclined to tell you how people lie about the pregnancy glow lol.

Seriously, feeling heavy. I have been willing Baby 2 to come out since Week 37!

This is me at Week 38.

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As EDD draws nearer, I’ve been letting myself enjoy a little by eating whatever I wanted, especially food that I wouldn’t be able to consume during confinement. I particularly like Hai Di Lao a lot so we did manage to go one evening. It was as I expected – AWESOME.

I also had all the fresh coconuts I wanted to. About 2 to 3 coconuts a week – the fresh type only. You really can’t be sure what goes into the packed versions of coconut juices. I’ve also been eating a lot of watermelons to help the body cool down. The weather is a bitch these days.

I also needed a lot of iced water which I tried to cut down as much as possible. It is very hot! I’ve also indulged in 2 coke floats (so yummy), something I have never consumed since my childhood.

Since we’re already at week 38 pregnancy, my husband’s family chinese fortune teller based in Hong Kong and my numerologist-enthusiast uncle based in KL, both advised that the baby should ideally be born on 8 or 9 April. After that, there are no good dates available. I was confident Baby 2 will come before that, I mean if I carry the baby past 40 weeks, it would be unimaginably uncomfortable!

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Water retention in my feet comes and goes. I’ve scheduled the last few prenatal massage and scrub treatments at Nouri FBC and feeling pretty good that I have it all on track. The team is also ready for me to pop and start post natal treatments any time as well.

Stretch marks are very deadly by now. Red, angry, large streaks covering my tummy. I’m beyond concerned about them. Resigned perhaps. I use the prenatal essential oil that Valerie has given me to soothe the itchiness. Every time it starts to itch, I quickly apply the oil.

I’m still working now and my plan to work till I give birth still stays although I’m not too sure how long this can go on for if I continue baking and baking. I’ve been taking cabs to work everyday and it’s no joke – super costly! So this has to stop soon!

Week 38 pregnancy, rolling into week 39, I hope the next story I have for you will be my birth story. ;) Till then, take care people!


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  1. Jiayu
    April 17, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    Have a smooth delivery!!

    • Ju Ann
      April 25, 2016 / 12:04 pm

      Thank you :)