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Ways to soothe pregnancy aches

It has been 9 months of waiting, and…….. I am still waiting. This pregnancy has not been as easy as my first pregnancy with Daniel. One of my priorities these days is finding ways to soothe pregnancy aches.

I thought, before I popped, I should share the 2 types of products which I have been using diligently to soothe pregnancy aches. Because they have been providing me with such comfort, I would be selfish not to share.

#1: Something For Your Tired Feet! 

I get tired on my feet REALLY easily since week 36. I don’t walk as much if I can help it. A walk to the wet market and to the supermarket and I end up with swollen feet. Even as I type now, my poor feet are looking like pork trotters. :(

If you had your feet swollen before, you’d know that when you press on it, it feels kinda flaccid and hurts a bit. To combat this, I usually lie down with my feet propped up high – that usually works wonders. Better than soaking with epsom salts I must say.

But here’s an even better way to soothe pregnancy aches like tired feet!

Mustela for Moms

Anyway, I am currently using the Mustela Light Legs Gel (link) which I’m happy enough with to share with everyone here. It is formulated to contain menthol extracts so that it feels tingly and cool on application. It doesn’t help to reduce swollen feet but it is really effective in giving my tired feet immediate relief. I am so addicted to applying this every night now!

I apply this every night before I go to bed, from the soles of my feet to the top of my thighs (if I am lazy I stop at my knees) to help veinous circulation.

Mustela for Moms

I love love love it and recommend it to all mums-to-be with tired feet. It refreshes and comforts. More so when you put it in the fridge! *wink*.

#2: Something For Your Bust!

Next product I’d recommend you should have is a bust firming gel. Hello, vain mama here. I once asked my female colleagues, just as a casual poll. What would you girls rather have?


Everybody chose to have small busts, so did I. After my first breastfeeding experience, I can tell you honestly, nobody is immune to it. Breastfeeding, whether you latch or you pump, both are going to cause saggy busts if you don’t take good care of your busts. You can use any brand you prefer but since Mustela is a trusted brand of mine, I am currently use the Bust Firming Gel by Mustela. Make sure whichever product you use helps with firming your bustline!!

Mustela for Moms

I’m starting with this a little early, just to give my bust better care for a firmer and more toned skin later on post-pregnancy. Like the Light Legs Gel, this too contains Mustela’s patented ingredient, Avocado peptides. Together with other important ingredients, this has proven efficacies!

  • Skin is more firmed for 91% and more toned for 81% of women.*
  • Tensor effect is validated by 69% of women

When a product has proven efficacies from research, I really don’t bother much with anything else and just buy it!!

Mustela for Moms

I just started using this and this is suitable even during my breastfeeding journey later on (just make sure to clean the nipple area)!

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Don’t take chances ladies! Them busts really need care! :D

Do you have any other ways that can help to soothe pregnancy aches? Please share them with me!!

*Clinical trial by self-assessment, scored firmness and measured favourable opinion by 32 post-partum women conducted over a 6 week period.


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  1. Jamie
    June 9, 2016 / 12:45 am

    Hi Ju Ann, may I know if what brand of skincare n cosmetics did u use during your pregnancy. I am
    Thinking of organic ones to be safe. Also, do u use deodarantnduring pregnancy? Which brand? Thks so much!

    • Ju Ann
      June 9, 2016 / 5:22 am

      Hi Jamie, I go to The DRx Clinic where my doctor advises me which skincare to use. The brand is Derma-RX.

      Yeh I actually did use deodorant.. didn’t know that was sensitive! I just use my usual one – DOVE