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Things to do in Bali: Mount Batur [Part2]

So I covered Part1 of my adventure on Mount Batur, Bali in another post already but hey, while the pitstop of one’s life journey is important, let’s not forget the significance of what it took to get to the pitstop. So here, this post, I’ll be posting pictures of how the ascend to Mount Batur looked like. Interested travellers who want to come this same way, I hope you find this photo log useful.

Remember, bring a windbreaker! Cos it is cold up there! And there are no concrete toilets up there. Only the great big wilderness and monkeys are audiences. Not shitting you. You don’t have to train up prior to this climb… it’s just like 3 hours of workout on the stairmaster but a helluva lot more interesting.

Now, let the photos, begin!

Ok here’s a quick shot of the crater before we descend.

Yup, if you slip, you can actually fall off the “cliff-looking” edge. :/

Mostly volcanic rocks. Better than small volcanic stones because those are mega slippery!

On the way down. It was quite steep. Check out the person in a red jacket just ahead.


Stopped in the midst of my descend to appreciate the fresh air and the view.


Still another picture to show how steep and “cliff-like” it was.

This part was the dangerous part where if you step on a slippery pile of volcanic stones/ash, then byebye!

On one of our many breaks! Still happy! Hahaha


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