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The DRx Medispa Essential Facial Plus Review

Good skin is hard to come by. Besides the Derma-Rx skincare product that I’ve been using under Dr Hui Yun’s care, I also go for the occasional facial at The DRx Medispa (which is just opposite The DRx Clinic!) to achieve better skin.

The recent facial I tried out at The DRx Medispa is the Essential Facial Plus. This facial comes with a lot of credentials. It won CozyCot Holy Grail Award in 2008 and All Time Favorite Facial of Elle Magazine’s Beauty IT List in 2009.

The facial had a few steps to it and at the end of the whole facial, my skin was significantly brighter and smoother. It really did a good job of taking off all the dirt and and dead skin!

Treatment Procedure

DRx Medispa

The first step to the facial was microdermabrasion (similar to diamond peel facials). The dead skin cells on the surface were all sucked out using a machine. The results after this step are very obvious and visible immediately after.

Next step was Ultrasonic Cleansing. Ultrasound is used to eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and loosen impurities, oils and comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) that are embedded in pores. This prepares the skin for effective penetration of all the good products that you use on your skin next.

Next, a device was used to deliver vitamins into my skin via Ultrasonic for deeper absorption. Depending on your skin condition, your therapist will recommend which vitamin to use for your skin. For me she used Vitamin C which will help stimulate collagen and help in skin whitening. All of the products used at The DRx Medispa are of pharmaceutical grade.

DRx Medispa

And the last step is the application of the Therapeutic Mask, one that hydrates and soothes!


I left The DRx Medispa feeling so relaxed and happy with my skin texture! :)

Here I am, makeup-free! :)

DRx Medispa


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