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Do Slimming Body Wraps Like These Work?

I may change my mind about a lot of things but one thing constant about me is my never ending pursuit for knowledge and experience in beauty. In beauty comes weight loss and if you look through my blog, you’ll see heaps of articles on weight loss methods. From taking fat freezing, to exercising, taking medication to slimming body wrap, I’ve tried it all.

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This time around, I’m checking out Suddenly Slender’s super popular slimming body wrap called the Body Mineral Wrap. Their signature Body Mineral Wrap treatment guarantees 6 to 20 inches loss in one single treatment. This treatment is also wildly raved about in the US by celebrities. You can even see Tyra Bank’s experience here.

6 to 20 inches loss?

Well, I wouldn’t believe a claim like “losing 6 to 20 inches loss in one treatment” on an advertisement but I tried it anyway and guess what… I DID LOSE a total of 15.1 inches (from various body parts) in one slimming body wrap treatment!

Slimming Body Wrap


Wow, what a great way to lose some inches immediately and have all my post natal loose bits all packed up and trim up! Now I just hope the inch loss stays, even just half will make me quite happy.

How It Works

The body mineral slimming body wrap treatment works by wrapping me up in 16 long custom bandage wraps that are soaked in a patented 175 mineral and nutrients solution (100% natural) directly imported from USA. The wraps are then strategically wrapped around my entire body.

The minerals and nutrients absorbed by the body can break down even the most stubborn of fats.

After I was ushered into the changing room, I was offered a special juice which is said to help burn fats.

Slimming Body Wrap

Thereafter, the treatment begins with a 20min session in Suddenly Slender’s Infrared Sauna Room. The temperature slowly increases and by 20mins I had little drops of sweat down my forehead. The infrared rays heat the body’s tissue from the inside out, simulating cardio activity. My weight, body fat and body measurements are then taken.

Slimming Body Wrap

Slimming Body Wrap

I felt like a mummy! It wasn’t uncomfortable because the cloth were all stretchy. After getting wrapped up tightly, my therapist drenched me (and the wraps) with Suddenly Slender’s patented mineral and nutrients solution before asking me to stand up to a power plate for 10 mins.

Slimming Body Wrap

After every 10 mins (3 rounds in total), my therapist comes in to drench me with more mineral and nutrients solution. All in all, tt was a pretty straightforward treatment but the results were very good. :)

Was It Just Water Loss?

Well Suddenly Slender says that their slimming body wrap works to detoxify and replenish the body with much needed minerals. The slimming body wrap treatment is actually exchanging minerals for impurities in the body. There isn’t any sweating involved in the slimming body wrap treatment.

After unwrapping, my measurements were taken again and I lost a total of 15.1 inches within an hour… what’s there not to like?!

I’ll be going back for more treatments, and I do hope to see permanent inch loss! :) Stay tuned for updates on my progress!

For a great FAQ on this treatment, check out here.


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