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So.. what's up!

Hola~ I am going to try to blog more about my life other than beauty and skincare… :) I think it’s time to rediscover the simple joy I had – to write whatever I want and whenever I want.

So today, the topic’s going to be what I have been so crazily obsessed with.


Yeh boy! Do you watch them too? I bet you do cos I think I must be the only joker that have lived in a cave where I never thought to watch them before!

I just finished 7 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Oh boy, I love all the characters so much! They feel like my friends already! Only, they don’t know I exist. Haha!

I wonder if people like any of them do exist!

Then I was lost for awhile before I was introduced to Big Bang Theory which was omg, another winner for me!


I am halfway through Season 5 now and I think, Season 4 was one of their best. If you notice a girl on the MRT laughing stupidly to herself while watching a show on her phone, you’ll know that’s me.

My favourite character has to be Sheldon Cooper. God! He’s such an enigma! After 4 and half seasons, I have not decided if I want to live with someone like that! Hahaha! And the other characters in the show are all so well-developed and so funny!

I will miss Big Bang Theory so much when I finish Season 5! Hope they make Season 6!

Next up, what should I watch? :D


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