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Shop SMART on Qoo10! :)

Qoo10 Singapore is an amazing site packed with sale, rewards, fun and a lot of very good deals. But let me give you some tips on what I do sometimes to get more from my shopping experience with Qoo10 (previously known as gmarket).

#1: Spin the roulette every day!! 

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Go in here daily, click on the attendance card on the right. One click per day. Each click gives you one chance to spin the roulette! Check out all the prizes you get to win! :) ^^ It’ll definitely help you save some $$ while shopping!

#2: Get Cash Discount Coupons!

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Go in here and draw only when you need it! For example, if you are about to make a $10 purchase, then go and try to exchange a Qstamp for a $1 off coupon! :) You can try your luck by using only 1 Qstamp and hope you get it, or you can play safe and immediately exchange 5 Qstamps for the $1 off coupon!

Psst! Exchange only when you need ok! Cos these coupons have expiry dates! :)

How to earn Qstamps:

♥ Write a review:
If you write a review / premium review of your ordered item, you will get one each.
♥ Purchase an item:
Purchase an item that has been set with Qstamp as giveaway by seller.
♥ Spin a Wheel:
Spin the RouletteQ at Lucky Lounge page.

#3: Qoo10 member benefits!

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It is indeed very rewarding to be a member. Sign up here and not only do you receive emails on great offers after great offers, you also get some $$$ coupons to start you off! Make sure you sign up and then come back here to redeem! :)

FINALLY, when you have coupons to use, make sure you remember to use them! Here’s how:

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See when you add items to cart, you see the above “coupon” link? Click it.

Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog Ju Ann photo ScreenShot2013-06-16at104134PM_zps75cfd254.jpg

The above pop up appears and you need to select the relevant coupons and click APPLY COUPON. And ta-dah! Your discounts will be reflected! :) Happy SHOPPING!! :)

CHECK OUT QOO10.COM.SG HERE! | Facebook Page


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