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Remember You Before You Became A Mom

Remember YOU before you became a mom

Raising kids, working, caring for your elderly parents, running a household, mothers pretty much have to do it all these days. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? In all this “doing”, there’s one thing that’s definitely not happening: Moms these days are so busy taking care of everyone else that they often neglect to take care of themselves.

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I juggle between a full-time job, running the household, and raising 2 young kids. My husband helps as much as the kids allow him to but they are very stuck on me. There is hardly any time left for me in a day. Every minute that I do get are stolen minutes. Like the 10 minute quick shower in the bathroom once I get home.

I know an awful lot of you mothers out there spend so much of your time living for the family that it is hard to remember yourselves. But moms out there, you are still you. The one who had dreams to chase and hobbies to pursue before kids came into the picture.

Every night I put my kids to sleep at 9.30pm and while I am always hopeful, I often feel completely exhausted and I fall asleep right with them.

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For some reason, society defines busy women as someone who never takes any time for herself. This is the age where the child is the centre of most homes, where so much of our decisions are made because of the kids. So much so that guilt makes us put aside many of the things we want to do.

Don’t. In order to love and care for others, we first have to be able to take care of and love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first. Your kids need to be taught that their mummy has her own goals, interests and needs too. You are human after all.

Parenting is hard. At times, it drains you emotionally and physically. But we are all in it because it is also rewarding in many other ways.

Even if it’s just an hour relaxing on your bed, or watching your favourite korean drama, it’s important you remember to get that me-time to recharge yourself.

Remember YOU before you became a mom. Make time for yourself.

Has it been draining on you lately? Tell me about it!


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My Motherhood Experience

I became a mom at 29 and my husband and I both live in Singapore. Juggling work and family is a daily challenge. We rely heavily on each other and on our helper. Here’s sharing my motherhood experiences where you’ll find a list of posts on my hopes & fears as a mom. I hope reading it will uplift you and give you a sense of camaraderie.


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