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Prive Clinic – Botox and Fillers

Last Saturday, there was a Prive Clinic event and I was there as guest guinea pig! :) I’m such a lucky girl, thanks to MFP, I was given a little liquid facelift!

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First off, Hui Rong was there as well! And she did some Cheek & Chin Fillers… and when I arrived, she was so excited about her enhanced self!


There she is, looking so pretty!


Ok on the left is me at 3pm. On the right, is me at 6pm.

Do you see the difference!! Here were the treatments I did:

– Cheek & Chin Fillers (To lift cheek and elongate chin)
– Botox at the jaw & chin area (To relax the strong jaw muscles I have – in 2 weeks, my face will be slimmer by a whole lot cos the jaw muscles wouldn’t be so big anymore!)

All the nurses at the clinic were SUPER friendly, and very very professional.


This is me, feeling nervous at the impending treatment. Prive Clinic was extremely generous with the numbing cream and anesthetic jabs so that I will be very comfortable during the treatment. And I was!

I had quite a fair bit of injections on my face throughout but most of it was painless. I couldn’t feel anything at my lower jaw area at all. The only slight prick I felt was at my cheeks area. But even that, I forgot all about the pin a couple of hours later and was happily admiring myself in every mirror!!


There was a small crowd present and they oo’ed and ahh’ed when I had my chin fillers done! This filler is a US FDA-approved dermal filler called RADIESSE. It replenishes volume and stimulates new collagen formulation. It allows IMMEDIATE correction and long-term efficacy for 12 months or more.

Any side effects?

Immediately after the treatment, I could see where the needles had gone in. I simply used concealer. Slight swelling but no one noticed the swelling. The chin feels a little bit sore but otherwise, I could do everything as per normal. I even stayed out till 2am that day cos I went dinner and movies! :P Oh and no rough touching on the cheek and chin area where the fillers were for at last 1 week. :)

1 day after the treatment (today!), I woke up and asked the BF how I look. LOL He said my chin’s still there. -.-! No pain, and the swelling had subsided by quite a fair bit. ^^ I did a little test with my sister. I looked at her straight in the eye and gave her like 5 mins of normal conversation and she did not notice anything different with me!

Don’t get me wrong, botox and fillers ARE supposed to enhance you. Not CHANGE you so drastically that people notice what you did exactly. And boy, you have no idea how a LITTLE enhancement can help boost your confidence and look!

I loveeee my NEW V Face and can’t wait for it to get MORE V shape in the coming 2 weeks (cos that’s how long it takes for the botox to really set in!).

How long will it last?

It depends. Different brands of botox and dermal fillers has different pros and cons. I had RADIESSE Fillers which will last me approx. 1 year and Botox which will last me about 6 months. :)

If you’re interested, you can call Prive Clinic and ask for prices and more information. And don’t worry too much. You’re not making any long term decisions! That’s the beautiful part of Botox and Fillers! They are NON-INVASIVE (no surgery involved) and they are not long-term! You can try it on a small part and see if you like it first.


**Thanks for reading!!**

Prive Clinic is a one-stop aesthetic clinic that provides non-invasive treatments and preventive health care services. Led by Dr Karen Soh, using the lastest advances in the field of medical and therapeutic aesthetics, to provide high quality and customized therapies to help clients achieve their goals of looking and feeling good.

Privé Clinic is located at:
390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871
Call: 6737 6639
Email: contact@priveclinic.com


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