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Pantene Day #7

Check out my last post here to know what this post is about! So today I took a picture of how my hair looks like after 7 days of using Pantene’s new Colour & Perm Lasting Care range.

Here’s Day #1 again:

Pantene Shampoo photo panteneday1_zps764cb4d7.jpg

And here’s Day #7:

Pantene Shampoo photo SAM_0832_zpsa8e5b7de.jpg

Note: I cut my hair! I like how my Pantene makes my hair feel. Even the shampoo alone is good enough to ensure no tangling in my hair. The dual conditioners seemed a little excessive in the range, so I alternated between the conditioner and the daily intensive conditioner. I haven’t had the chance to use the mask yet but will do so soon.

As for the colour, it looks the same. It definitely didn’t look like I lost more colour. So I assume this works well in retaining colour. So far so good. :)

As expected, Pantene makes my hair smell awesome even after a long day at work. I had a male colleague come up to me and tell me my hair smell nice. LOL!!

There is one more post to see how my hair turns out on Day #14 of this challenge! So stay tuned here.


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