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The Importance Of Playing Outdoors With My Kids

Outdoor play for kids is a big part of healthy growth, learning and development for them. Last weekend, we took the kids out to the big grass field near home to fly a kite, and ride a bike.

outdoor play for kids

It was such good fun

This was how I grew up back in Malaysia and now, because we live in Singapore without a garden, we don’t really bring the kids out for some outdoor fun often enough. Outdoor play for kids is very important.

How I grew up

I remember having HEAPS of time in our big garden under the hot sun where I rode my bike round the neighbourhood with the wind in my hair. I remember how I loved building outdoor tents with bedsheets and chairs (IKR!) and sat inside reading a book just because it felt like a home I built on my own! And on days when it was really hot, we had the makeshift pool filled up and splashed around and cool off.

I also really loved playing tag with our family dog there, tending to my outdoor vegetable and flower garden and showing off my cartwheels in the garden.

Outdoor Play for Kids is REAL PLAY

Tough Stains Off Kids Clothes

I am a big advocate of outdoor play for kids. They get to burn off all the energy they have (PLUS POINT!) and develop strength, coordination, and motor skills. Plus, the bond you’ll develop with your child is priceless. This was the first time we let him go on a balance bike and I’m surprised how quickly he managed to learn how to ride it. He even went up and down a little slope and watching him take risks and lean on us for support and encouragement is so endearing. I’m so proud of him. <3

The experience of playing outdoors give such a different dimension to what they can learn from classrooms, reading books, or technology.

Of course playing outdoors can be more troublesome because of how dirty it may be, and how hot (or rainy!) it may be. When I bring them outdoors, I am also more worried that he may hurt himself.

But that hasn’t stopped us from bringing them out. The smile on their faces and the shouts of excitement is definitely worth it.

Tough Stains Off Kids Clothes

I don’t really have to worry about how dirty Daniel gets, after all, no one said outdoor play for kids was going to be clean! Just imagine how dirty and sweaty he is when he gets home! (HEADACHE)

He accumulates dirt stains from playing at the slide, and when he eats ice cream, he has all these sticky stains on his clothes. Other times, he has all these mud and leaves all over him from rolling around in the grass.

Stains means experience. It means we had fun.

Removing such stains can be such a pain. I know because my son attracts stains like a champ. With the right laundry detergent, parents these days have it easy and don’t have to worry too much about removing tough stains. If you’re looking for a recommendation on a great stain remover, check out Breeze and their list of great play time articles.

So let your kids run wild like I do. They gain the most from their outdoor fun if they feel that they can run free without worrying about getting messy. With a quick wash using Breeze, they’ll be ready to get back out there again in no time.

With its guaranteed tough stain removal, we can celebrate exploratory outdoor play without worrying about the mess involved.

Tough Stains Off Kids Clothes

Look at the mess he made on his clothes after 20mins of playing outdoors! The sweat and food stains may be a headache to remove but imagine the mud on his back!

Because #DirtIsGood guys.

Here’s what we have lined up for Daniel and Nathen and maybe it’ll spark off some ideas to for some outdoor play with your kids!

outdoor play for kids

    • Learn how to ride a bicycle
    • Learn to fly a kite
    • Camp outdoors
    • Learn how to do a cartwheel
    • Play badminton (their daddy loves a good game of badminton!)
    • Go for a round of water gun fun
    • Play soccer
    • Build sandcastles
    • Go swimming
    • etc.!

Do you have any other ideas on outdoor play for kids in Singapore? Please share with me! :)


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