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Ombre Hair by Caely Tham

Last I had a hair colour done was last year and as you can guess my hair has long grown out and have this ugly duo colour thing going on for too long. Headed down to look for Caely to give a new spruce of colour to my hair. Caely suggested doing an ombre hair colour!

She explained that there are many ways to mix two colours into my hair. I could have it added in as patches, or streaks or do a Ombre. And she strongly recommended Ombre. The unfashionable me never hear before the latest hair trend among A-lister celebrities called Ombre Hair.

What’s that? It looks like this!!

ombre hair

I superrr want to try it but was hesitant (as always) that it’ll be too loud for my day job..and so on…

Caely kindly hunted sample pictures for me off the net and told me it’ll be very nice and assured me that it won’t be over-the-top. I said yes and prayed real hard hahaha!! But Caely has always delivered so I wasn’t that concerned la.

First they used Matrix Hair Colour to match my brown roots for the top part..

ombre hair

A quick peekture of me with just the base colour first!

Then they bleached my ends a little before adding the 2nd colour by PURE that has no chemical and hence is less harmful to my hair and very lasting. :)

The whole process took about 3 hours.

READY to see how it looks like?

caely tham

Mad LOVE!! It makes me feel so alive!! This is confirm something I will NEVER have dared to ask from any hair stylist!! I am sooo happy Caely had the foresight for this and persisted in convincing me to go for it! (I nearly went for the usual normal boring streaky highlights instead!)

Here’s a close up of my ombre hair:

ombre hair



ombre hair

ombre hair

Like it? Look for Caely and tell her you want Ju Ann’s dye style! :)

And that’s what you call an OMBRE Hair Trend! The OMBRE hair style is characterised with dark hair originating from the roots, with the shade getting progressively lighter by the tips.

When doing this you must choose your colour accent correctly k – I left it up to Caely and she picked reddish for me – suits my skin colour nicely!

For very tanned skin: deep reds, coppers, and cool ash make for beautiful choices.
For a tanned skin: rich browns, coppers, possibly even violets.
For the fair-skinned: ash tones, subdued blondes, golden caramel tones will add warmth.

This is like my life’s BEST hair style so far!!! I love it I love it I love it!!

I did whole head dye (for base), then pre-lightening and then the colour treatment for the ends. :)

Do ask Caely to recommend what’s suitable for your hair! :)



Shunji Matsuo at 313Somerset has permanently closed. Their lead stylist, Caely Tham, has moved over to LeeKaJa, located at Mandarin Gallery. I now go to Caely at LeeKaJa for hair services.

Check out my experiences with Caely Tham at LeeKaJa here! Plus, there is this crazy good, and very popular hair treatment called the LeeKaJa Cinderalla hair treatment that will make you hair look naturally soft and straight. You must check it out here.

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