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Obagi Toning Review: Week 2

So you know I am not one of the lucky girls born with great skin and I am now undergoing a 6 weeks Obagi Toning Program. If not, read this.

Week 1’s review was done last week if you didn’t read it. So here’s Week 2.

Obagi ToningObagi Toning David Loh Surgery

Week #2 / Dec 8, 2012:

I did my first Laser Genesis and started the Obagi Nu Derm Skincare system on 24 Nov. This picture was taken exactly 14 days into the program, 8 Dec.

Week 1 >>> Week 2: Overall skin tone is more even. Less acne and redness.

This week I started having good and bad days. The good days were days when I woke up with amazing bright skin but as the day wore on, my skin reverted back to being dull. The peeling and acne flare has also slowed down a lot – thank god! I don’t think I can stand another week of acne! Dr Wong was right though. He did mention to me that I might get acne and peeling but everything will be better after Week 1.

This week, I got to do the Laser Genesis again. Zzzzt Zzzt and off I go. The whole laser treatment only took about 20 mins and off I go! This time around, the treatment was longer and Dr Wong gave more attention to my cheek area where most of my open pores and acne scars were.

After the treatment, my face was positively radiant! Had lovely pinkish cheeks. And I went through the rest of the day with only the sunblock Dr Wong’s nurse applied for me.

Obagi Toning David Loh Surgery

This coming week, Dr Wong told me to adjust the application of Renti-A gel to use more often so that more peeling can occur.

Obagi Sg

♥ Obagi Nuderm System Set Product Feature: Toner ♥

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner: A toner that adjusts the pH of the skin for increased penetration of the system ingredients.

My review: Well, there’s nothing much to be said about this toner. It stings a little when I was having my acne breakout in week 1, but this week, it was all ok. It’s like a normal toner, except it prepares the skin for the next few steps of skincare. I also notice that the cleanser is probably very good since there’s no makeup that comes off on my cotton pad when I use this toner. :)

If you want to know more about the other 5 products I was given to use during this 6 weeks Obagi Toning program then be sure to keep coming back for my weekly updates! :)


For more information about Obagi, check out their informative website! If you have heaps of questions about this, you can either comment here, ask me on Facebook here, or check out Obagi’s FAQ! This is also a great read I found written by my doctor, Dr KJ Wong on Obagi Toning.


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