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Choose The Best Drinking Water For Your Family With This

It has been 2 years since we started using the novita Water Purifier NP330 and we are still very satisfied with it.

We change the filters in it once a year and I never forget because there’s this super handy magnet timer which I stick on my fridge and it emits a sound once 365 days is up.

Alkaine water or Purified water?

We have been drinking Alkaline water for 2 years now and I decided to change to Purified water for this next round because I heard that Purified water is better for households with young kids. Alkaline is better for households with adults compared to kids because our body has more acid than theirs.

novita water purifier

novita water purifier

So Purified it is! I was a little worried it might taste different from how we are all used to now but you don’t have to worry about that. It tastes the same or at least, I couldn’t tell the difference. :)

The novita Water Purifier has a 3 stage filtration system which is why you see 3 coloured bottles here.

novita water purifier

Read about novita’s 3 step filtration system here.

Easy Installation

Installation was incredibly easy. I did it myself. Just twist and turn all the 3 bottles out one at a time, then twist the new bottles in, in the same order and it’s done!

novita water purifier

novita water purifier

We stopped boiling tap water ever since we got the novita Water Purifier and I have never looked back! It’s so much more convenient and energy saving too! Check out my previous review on the novita Water Purifier – the reasons why I love it still remains the same! :)


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  • novita Dehumidifier – we use this once a week to draw out all the excess moisture in our wardrobes and rooms
  • This water filter allows you to choose between alkaline or purified drinking water.
  • Filtering chlorine away from your shower is so beneficial

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