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My wedding menu designs!

The hotel was going to give me a menu card in the usual template and when my awesome wedding designer, heard about it, she totally re-designed my wedding menu cards!

I think, after 8-9 years in advertising and being at the receiving end of all kinds of crazy client feedback on artwork, I am all relaxed at my very own wedding. :P For one, I kept all comments consolidated and to a minimal, I also was less anal at a lot of things. Haha! Which is good! Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Wedding Menu Card

And of course, Hellen’s take on design is pretty darn good which explains why I am so happy with her work so far. Here’s the menu designs Hellen (my wedding designer from Rosette Design & Co) came up with for the first draft of wedding menus.

wedding menu

I love that it’s kept in consistency with the overall colour theme and I don’t even have a problem with the font type! :) I like that this is classy and simple. I am so OVER comments like, there is white space here! Let’s pack it with stuff!! Haha!

Can you guess which wedding menu design I decided to go with? :) Stay tuned to the wedding day to find out! :0

Oh and our guests could choose between Fish OR Beef for their main course and Hellen did up these pretty cards for guests to pick up at the reception and place at their seat! :) This helps the waiter identify the choices of our guests~ :)

wedding menu

It’s 2 weeks to my wedding. Can’t wait! :)


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