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Every girl dreams of a unique wedding. In an attempt for Singaporean brides to get the ideal dream wedding they want, more and more brides are giving themselves more lead time to plan and to make their own wedding extra special. Some are also celebrating their ROM, making their ROM ceremony an affair they can have full control over (as opposed to the big fat chinese wedding that every chinese parent expects of us).

I am a big fan of Martha Stewart‘s wedding ideas. Have you seen her site here?

There is soooo much to learn, research, and love (and hate) about weddings. I was as confused and lost as you must be now. I knew I had to start with a theme.

A good theme when conceptualised from the start will carry through in your venue, your dress, your invitation cards, your bridesmaid dresses and all the way through.

I may work in advertising but I am really no good when it comes to a good design. I am like your average client, I don’t really know what I want, but I know, what I don’t want.

So then I decided to take no chances and start by researching for wedding services in Singapore. Here’s to help you identify who does what when it comes to Wedding Planning Services.

Wedding Planner: “Plan and Manage my Wedding!”

A wedding planner are great with helping you coordinate your wedding (the whole entire process as well as on the actual day). They are the project mangers. They will handle the minute details of budgeting, what you need to confirm and by when. They usually come with a timeline and list of things you need to do.

They also usually have great connections with businesses/services that you need for your wedding, and are able to get good discounts for you.

I hope to be able to find a good wedding planner for me so that I can leave everything to the professional’s hands. Especially when I gave myself only 2 months to plan my ROM dinner. :)

Wedding Designer: “Design my Wedding and make it fabulous!”

A wedding planner is great and all in terms of logistics and timeline, but if you want a beautiful wedding that makes all your guests go WOW, then a wedding designer is exactly what you need.

I wanted a western style wedding, very Martha Stewart inspired, and I begun my search online for a wedding designer whose portfolio and taste resonates with mine.

I found Hellen from Rosette Design and Co. I really like how they pay attention to details and really make every wedding unique. I saw her portfolio and I knew she will be able to design me my dream wedding.

Hellen and her team designs things from scratch. Everything creative that you need to decorate your wedding, she designs them. I’ll update soon about my first meeting with her but here are the things she’ll be helping me with:

♥ Wedding Theme
♥ Wedding Invitation Cards + Printing
♥ PhotoBooth Backdrop (if required)
♥ Reception Table Decor
♥ A Gallery Area that showcases our photos
♥ All necessary decoration for the whole venue (including everything from table centrepieces, table numbers, wedding favors, well wishing cards, and so on)

I’m really excited! :)


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Rosette Designs & Co Facebook Page | Website | Blog | Email Hellen for Ideas: hello@rosettedesigns.com

There are of course other smaller vendors that make up your entire wedding but if you have either of the above, you wouldn’t need to worry too much about which florists/caterer/wedding venue to select. :)


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