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It’s Not Just You. Mom Brain is a Thing and it is Frustrating.

There was a time in my life when I had a demanding job, did a part time Bachelor’s degree and pursued dance lessons all at the same time, but I never once forgot the multiple tasks that I had in my head. I could go to multiple back to back meetings without taking notes and still remember the details of everything better than the colleague who did.

My memory was that good. 

But then I got pregnant with my first child, then my second and then suddenly I had problems remembering little things like what my husband said yesterday, where I put my mobile phone, or what were the details of the last meeting I attended.

mom brain

Once upon a time, my brain was a fully functioning organ but I imagine it to be like melted meringue these days.

Momnesia, baby brain drain, pregnancy brain, baby brain, mummy brain, mom brain… Call it whatever you want but it definitely isn’t just me. In fact there are several studies about mom brain out there that help explain exactly what the phenomenon is and why it happens to mothers everywhere.

Mom Brain Symptoms

The symptoms include but aren’t limited to…

  • Chronic forgetfulness or absentmindedness
  • Inability to remember simple phrases or the names of common objects
  • Frequently losing your train of thought, and never remembering it again
  • Inability to focus on logical task
  • General feeling of “brain fog” throughout the day
  • Constantly misplacing objects
  • Inability to remember important names, appointments, dates and times
  • Inability to shop for groceries without a list

Some days my inability to remember as much as I used to is quite frustrating. I forget appointments, important details, some times I have to stop and try and remember where I last saw my mobile phone at home.

While I haven’t left my mobile phone in the refrigerator (yet), I have searched for it frantically only to realise I was using it as a flashlight. I have also called out to someone and then forget what I wanted to say on multiple occasions. Don’t even get me started on how I walk into a room and then completely forget what I wanted to get.

Sometimes I ask my husband something and then turn around and ask him again. He’ll look at me like I’m crazy and go like, “You just asked me that I answered you!”.

My Memory Isn’t As Good As Before

Growing and taking care of babies does take over your entire life. I reckon it’s really only natural that you lose a few non-essential brain functions (like remembering what the husband said yesterday) to make room for the essentials (like keeping the baby alive).

This study found that the effects of “pregnancy brain” and postpartum “mom brain” can feel even stronger in successive pregnancies. Or it could just be the effect of looking after multiple children.

Managing This Mom Brain Of Mine

These days I manage this mom brain of mine by overcompensating with handwritten notes, digital notes, and calendars (and all the reminders and alerts it comes with). I still forget things on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight! This mom brain condition is quite crippling and preventing me from performing at 100%.

Is it due to the lack of sleep? Or are we moms taking on too much in this day and age? Do we have unreasonable expectations of ourselves?

It probably is a combination of everything, which probably means we moms are doomed to suffer with this mom brain condition for the rest of our lives. :(


Have you any funny situations caused by your mom brain? Please tell me in the comments below! I’d love to feature it in an upcoming post.


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  1. Su Fong Tan
    July 17, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    Being a mom is definitely not easy, we are basically multitasking. Cool content, I have the same feeling as well.