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The Best Of My Motherhood Experience

I started my mom blog when I became a mom. My husband and I both live in Singapore, far away from all relatives. As a FTWM, juggling work and family is a daily challenge. We rely heavily on each other and on our helper. In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure for moms to be a perfect mom and do it all

Here is sharing all my personal posts of my hopes and fears on being a mother.  I hope that by reading this Singapore mom blog, my motherhood experience will uplift you and provide you with a sense of camaraderie.

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My Motherhood Experience

My Life in Melbourne

In January 2020, my family moved to Melbourne. It’s a huge move. I’ve never lived in Melbourne before. The decision feels crazy and I’m all excited and nervous at the same time. Follow me as I try to live and thrive in Melbourne here.

Postpartum Weight Loss

Since everyone’s body is different and different weight loss methods can help people in different ways, I compiled a list of all the ways that I have tried to lose the weight gained from my 2 pregnancies. I also share what’s the most effective way for me so far :) Check it out here.

For Pregnant Mummies

Pregnancy is always better when the experience is shared. I have compiled a list of my entire pregnancy journey, from the fears, to the joys and everything else in between. In the list, you will also find a whole array of tips from conception to birth. Check it out here.

For Moms With Young Kids

If you ever thought raising kids has never been more complicated or difficult, well you’re not alone! Whether it’s because of modern day’s societal gender roles or the proliferation of parenting philosophies, parenting has definitely gotten more difficult. I have compiled a list of my own motherhood experiences, tips and product reviews as I continue on this path to balance traditional values with the variety of modern parenting styles. Check it all out here. 


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