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Lipo Freeze in Singapore – Effective? Or Not?

There is this latest slimming treatment that allows you to kill off your fat cells in targeted areas of your body. While there are many brands out there that come in a variety of names, I tried the one offered by Suddenly Slender. Here’s my reveiw of Lipo Freeze in SG.

They have a in-house nutritionist and a diet plan (will blog about this soon), they have the usual machine treatments that help to break down fat cells and trim up, body wraps and also they have Lipo Freeze!

Lipo Freeze is a brand of a fat freezing procedure that is wildly popular. There are different brand names for this treatment but all of them promises the same function – to freeze your fats and let your body eliminate it naturally.

Also known as Fat Freeze, Coolsculpting, etc, Lipo Freeze is Suddenly Slender’s rendition of it.

How Lipo Freeze Works

All you have to do is lie down for 45mins and you will lose fats! How good is that? Dieting is no fun, and I have no time for exercising. :( Here I am, all READY to have my fats frozen!

Lipo Freeze in SG

First they placed a piece of cloth-like thing that they call a membrane on your tummy. This helps to protect your skin.

Lipo Freeze in SG

Then, the device was placed on my tummy where I wanted to eliminate fats from. It was painless. The fats were sucked to fill the entire device’s cup. It looks a little scary how much loose fats I had :(

Lipo Freeze in SG

My therapist was very nice to keep coming back to check on me to see if I was feeling ok. One hour later, the treatment was done and when the device is removed, you will notice a little redness. For some, there may be bruising as well but I only had redness which lasted a hour or so after the treatment.

Lipo Freeze in SG

Lipo Freeze gets rid of unwanted stubborn fat by freezing, crystallising and then passing the fat out naturally through the body. Multiple sessions will be required if you have fat that you wish to target on other parts of the body. Each machine comes with 1 applicator for 1 part of the body. Lipo Freeze in SG by Suddenly Slender is completely non-invasive, non-surgical, no downtime and has no side effects*.


1 week after the treatment, I really felt like my tummy is smaller!! Could be my mind playing tricks on me or the holistic slimming program with Suddenly Slender is taking effective but whatever it was, I felt so good about my body that I went out and bought some tight fitting clothes :D Shopping makes me happy! :)


Suddenly Slender
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Suddenly Slender is located at:
Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre #01-08/09
Tel: (65) 6884 8111

*Please check with Suddenly Slender on safety details of this treatment.


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  1. Yang
    November 25, 2016 / 10:07 pm

    Do you still have any package with suddenly slender from holiday Inn?

    • Ju Ann
      December 12, 2016 / 1:31 pm

      Nope I dont :)