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All You Need To Know About Kiztopia Singapore

At a massive 18,000 sqf, Kiztopia Singapore is Singapore’s biggest indoor edutainment playground in a shopping mall and it opens June 15, 2019 at Marina Square. We were there for the media preview of this new indoor playground in Singapore and here’s sharing all you need to know about Kiztopia Singapore, an utopia for kids aged 12 years and below. 

Kiztopia Singapore

Kiztopia is a built on a ‘Play to Learn, Learn through Play’ concept. All of their 18 different play areas are designed with specific learning objectives in mind for the little ones to cultivate their social, emotional, and motor skills. Let’s dive right in to see what Kiztopia Singapore has to offer!

Kiztopia Singapore Map

1. Ninja Warrior

Kiztopia Singapore Ninja Warrior
Play Area 13 - Ninja Warrior_1

Leap over mini steps, avoid spiky obstacles, cross a low-levelled swinging bridge, or swing across the monkey bars! Ninja Warrior features unique obstacle courses that allow young children to develop their confidence, perseverance, agility and even stamina! Fit for all young adventurers and ninja-wannabes! 

Kiztopia Singapore

Although my 3 year old couldn’t reach most of the handlebars, but he found a way to have fun here too! My 5 year old went through the course 3x gleefully! Definitely a favourite play area of ours in this indoor playground!

Also, click here to watch IG highlights of my kids playing!

2. Alley Oop Mark

Kiztopia Singapore AR Basketball

Anybody has a mini Michael Jordan wannebe? Alley Oop Mark is an AR Basketball Studio specially designed for children! Projected onto a wall, children can just pick up a mini ball, take aim at the hoop and throw the ball in! My boys had crazy fun here and kept coming back to this play area even though there were so many to explore!

3. Trampio

Kiztopia Singapore Trampoline
Featuring three trampolines for children to express themselves with their jumps! Whether it is a star jump, tuck jump, front somersault, back flip or even full twists, the little ones can have a try at these trampoline tricks with the assurance they will always enjoy a soft landing!

Even us parents had fun jumping here!

4. Cosmic Space

Kiztopia Singapore Slides
Play Area 12 - Cosmic Space_3
Made up of five sets of slides that stands at 5-7 meters and other climbing concepts, Cosmic Space will satisfy the adventurous spirits of your little ones!
This place was amazing. Even I felt thrilled by the slides! We spent a good hour going over and over and over again at these slides. Super fun!! If you love slides, you must check this area out.

5. Mojo Zone

Play Area 10 - Mojo Zone_7
Kiztopia Moho Zone

Think giant, spiraling slides and mega ball pit! We had a really good time here too. The balls were really comfortable to be around with, and the slides were really good! My kids were both brave enough to go at it on their own.

6. AR Wall

Play Area 11 - AR Wal (within Mojo Zone)_2

Within the Mojo Zone, you’ll also find the AR Wall, where your child can create mini explosions or fireworks when they pick up a miniball and throw it at the animal or object that is projected on the wall! My 3 year old was kept occupied at the wall for so long while my 5 year old was busy going up and down the slides at Mojo Zone.

7. Bouncy Tiger

Let your little ones bounce to their heart’s content at this massive bouncy castle! Expend their energy as they unleash their wild side; jumping, weaving through mini obstacles over and over again! 

8. Chug Eli

Play Area 7 - Chug Eli_2

If your kid loves indoor trains, then hop on Chug Eli train for a fun-filled journey round and round! 

9. Pio’s Drift

Play Area 1 - Pio Drift_4

Any little ones with a love for speed or their 4-wheel drive? Let these little drivers hop on to mini cars at Pio’s Drift and enjoy a drive on the”roads”! And when they run out of gas, the “petrol station” will just be right around the corner! 
By the way, I really love the way they designed this area. The cafe seating area is around Pio’s Drift, making it super convenient for parents to rest and watch while they kids drive around!

10. Raby’s Mart

Play Area 4 - Raby's Mart_1

My kids go grocery shopping with me very often and here at Raby’s Mart, they were over the moon to be able to shop through aisles of groceries such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and more. I gave them a shopping list and they would go round Raby’s Mart trying to buy exactly what I told them too and then ‘check out’ at the cashier. Here, children can choose to be shoppers, cashiers, or even help in re-stocking the shelves. So cute!

11. Tina’s Snip

Kiztopia Singapore
This is a play salon where children get to choose from a huge rack of costumes to try on. FRom princesses to superheros, your kid will surely find something he/she would love to wear. My son picked Iron Man and ran around the playground in his Iron Man suit for like an hour. Hahaha!

12. Raby Pit

Play Area 15 - Raby Pit_1

Raby Pit is filled with small wood cubes that’s made to emulate sand play. It definitely is a way cleaner play experience than actual sand play. Here, your kids can dig, play, or even roll around on the little wood cubes. 

13 & 14. Pepe’s Ball/Sprite

Kiztopia Singapore
Every toddler’s favourite play area-the BALL PIT! They can choose to jump into the pool of balls or slide their way in for hours of delightful fun! I think this would be perfect for those aged 2 and under. 

15. Bell’s Cuisine

Those aspiring to be little master chefs will find Bell’s Cuisine a play haven. This is a fully equipped mini kitchen has stoves, bread makers, ovens and everything your little chefs need to cook up a storm!

16. Honey Notes

Who says you need music instruments to make music?! With AR, all you need to do is tap on the instrument projected on the screen to make it play! Be it creating a band, or forming a choir, Honey Notes is where you could pump up your little musicians’creativity juices!

17. Chichi’s Art

Want to have your little one’s art pieces displayed? Now you can! Get your little artists to simply draw on the interactive screens, and they will popup on the AR screen display on the wall!

18. Hero Square

Play Area 2 - Hero Square_4

Watch a show and catch Kiztopia’s mascots at Hero Square, where the Central Stage is! There is a variety of exciting activities all lined up, so check their schedule before you head down! At Hero Square is where you’ll find another interesting interactive wall for kids.
So do you see just how massive Kiztopia Singapore is and how much it offers! We can’t wait to be back again! 
Do also check out IG highlights for more footages of Kiztopia Singapore!

Kiztopia Singapore Practical Information

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1, #01-09, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm | Friday & Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Admission Fees: $28 for 1 hour, and $38 for 3 hours, $48 for unlimited (includes 1A + 1C). Children under 12 months enter free when accompanied by 1 paying child & adult. More details on pricing here.


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