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How My 4 Year Old Did At A Phonics Enrichment Class ➽ Curious Thoughts Academy

How’s everyone here! I had a reader tell me the other day that my last post about my kids was too long ago. Thank you for checking in on me. Life’s been super busy with 2 active young boys. Daniel for one, has been learning Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy and I’ve been really proud of his progress.

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

Read about the Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy here. The Jolly Phonics framework taught at Curious Thoughts is offered by Victoria Charlton, a programme licensed from Australia and Curious Thoughts is the only licensed centre in Singapore to offer this programme.

The founders of Curious Thoughts Academy first started using Jolly Phonics in their outreach to less privileged families and found it very effective in teaching the children to read in a short period of time.

Check out what the children do in a Jolly Phonics class at Curious Thoughts.

Teacher Lydia (one of the co-founders) is Daniel’s Jolly Phonics teacher. I adore her for her patience, passion and enthusiasm in teaching kids. Daniel has really benefited from her style of teaching which is a structured yet fun approach to learning to read, write and communicate.

The centre believes that education goes beyond mattering grammar and vocabulary and sets out to train critical thinkers with skills that will serve them well beyond their school years.

Here’s sharing some photos of Daniel in class.

Fine Motor Skills

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

In the image above, we see Daniel training his fine-motor skills. Teacher Lydia patiently guides and teaches him how to use a scissors and cut straight lines. Yes this is a phonics class but he is learning it through a variety of activities in every class.

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

Here’s Daniel showing off his writing and colouring. This was after a class where they learnt how to pronounce S. It’s a very well planned class framework where they learn to pronounce an alphabet and they will also do fun, hands-on things that start with that alphabet for the whole class to reinforce that learning.

Verbal Linguistic

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

Through discussions about the stories they read in class, Daniel learns how to blend words like for example ‘B-AT”, “C-AT”, “M-AT”, and they also start to understand alphabets as part of words. By learning how to blend sounds together, he will learn how to read and write new words.

Puzzle/Maths Smart

Daniel’s working on a puzzle here, a regular part of the class where it trains the children to use their own minds to figure out how to solve problems and think in a logical way.

Visual Spatial

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

Art and craft is definitely Daniel’s favourite part of the class. And week after week, Teacher Lydia is really creative with the things the children get to do.  In the above picture, they learnt about stars and that’s his raised salt watercolour masterpiece interpretation of what the galaxy looks like. I didn’t even know what raised salt painting is and how much great fun it was for preschoolers like Daniel.

During mid-autumn festival, he came back with a lantern that he cut, assembled and painted himself (with assistance and under close supervision of the teacher of course).

Bodily Kinesthetic

Children are encouraged to be as participative as possible throughout the class. There’s also a lot of movement during the class to help kids express their feelings and ideas with their body.

Feedback After Every Lesson

Curious Thoughts Phonics Class

Learning Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts Academy has been a fruitful journey for Daniel so far. It’s an independent class and Teacher Lydia spends about 5 mins after every class to keep parents in close loop of what he learnt in every class, and recommends things that he can learn at home with us.

At the end of the day, a curriculum can be as good as it is but if your child doesn’t enjoy himself at class, he won’t want to learn much. Teacher Lydia been really good at learning how to connect with children and she’s been a gem for Daniel.

P.s.: You’d also love knowing that Curious Thoughts Academy is a social enterprise whose goal is to teach a child from a less privileged background for free for every three paying students.


Jolly Phonics at Curious Thoughts course fees range from $300 per term for eight lessons for pre-schoolers, to up to $460 for upper secondary English lessons. The classes are for children aged between 2 and 16.

Curious Thoughts Academy
Address: 51 Waterloo Street, #03-06, Errol Classroom
Contact: +65 62502595
Email: hello@curiousthoughts.sg


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