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My Experience with Fillers in Singapore

I’m in my late 30s now and the frown lines and saggy skin is really starting to show. It’s been a couple of years since my last fillers in Singapore and it’s time to pay my doctor a visit again! 

There are many brands of fillers available in Singapore, all of which have such different pros and cons and you may do lots of googling online about it but really, the most important step as you consider getting fillers in Singapore is a proper consultation with a doctor. 

Before my trip back to Singapore, I made an appointment with Halley Medical Aesthetics (see all my previous treatments with them here) and had an e-consultation with Dr. Mark Lim. Over a video call, I shared my skin concerns with him and he outlined a treatment plan which we’ll discuss further when we meet in Singapore. 

My skin concerns were

  • Bunny frown lines
  • Saggy skin around my face
  • Jaw slimming / Jaw shaping

In this 1st post, I’ll share about my filler treatments in Singapore. Stay tuned for the 2nd post on Botox!

About Juvederm Volux

Dermal fillers like the Juvederm range of fillers contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid diminishes as we age, causing our skin to lose its moisture and elasticity, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The Juvederm fillers also contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic which minimises discomfort during treatment. 

Juvederm has a range of fillers which are differentiated based on the firmness and viscosity (thickness and stickiness) of the gel. You may be prescribed a firmer or softer filler, or a combination, depending on the area that requires treatment, the condition of your skin, and the desired result.

This is the first time I’m having Dr. Mark Lim treat me and I really like his fresh perspective on my face shape. Adding fillers to your skin is essentially a chance to augment your facial contours to your liking. He prescribed the harder Juvederm fillers, Juvederm Volux, as they are good for lifting and enhancing definition – and they also last longer!

He even did his own chin fillers here – what a champ!

My Treatment Plan

To lift the sagging skin on the side of my face, the fillers were injected along the cheekbones. Dr. Mark Lim also put in some fillers to enhance my chin’s V-shape definition for more a V-shaped look when combined with Botox for jaw slimming or jaw shaping.

Check out this video to see how my treatment went!

Cost of Fillers in Singapore

I love receiving DMs from you all and one of the most popular questions I get asked is, “how much is the cost of fillers?”. Well, here’s sharing that the total cost of the treatment detailed in this post is a total of $1,780. This is the cost of Fillers to lift saggy skin on the side of cheeks and enhance cheekbones and chin. This includes the use of 2 syringes of Juvederm Volux. 

About the “Magic Needle”

The doctor’s treatment technique for filler injection is important in creating a natural yet effective lift to a patient’s face. Dr. Mark Lim uses the “Magic Needle” to rejuvenate the face and fill up the fine lines naturally.

The Magic Needle is not actually a needle but a micro-cannula. It distributes the filler more evenly, and as it is blunt and extremely pliable; it slides under our skin with minimal discomfort. This allows doctors to apply the filler with practically no pain or bruising.

Before and After Treatment Photos 

The results of the fillers were immediate, and I love it! There was completely no downtime at all, I went out with friends for dinner immediately after the treatment. 

Check out these Before/After photos taken after this treatment session. 

Some of the most visible highlights of the fillers results are: 

  • More defined cheekbones 
  • Enhanced chin shape and definition 
  • V-shaped face is more visible

I’m so happy with the results!! Facial aesthetics changes not only the appearance, but also how we feel. It can all look very natural in the hands of an experienced doctor. I’m happy to share my experience if you have more questions.

Please comment below or DM me on @ngjuann (IG) for any questions.


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This is a recount of my personal experience and review. All testimonials or statements made on this website (www.ngjuann.com) are not intended to replace a medical advice/recommendation by a doctor and must not be interpreted as a guarantee of outcomes. It is strongly advised that readers seek the advice of a healthcare professional and assess the risks and benefits of the procedure before proceeding with any treatments.

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