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Fedora L3 Stroller Review: Foldable & Reclines Fully!

I’ve had the Fedora L3 Stroller for about 6 months now and it’s high time I gave some airtime to our trusty go-to stroller. Fedora is not new to our family. We have the Fedora S7 Stroller which we love for its huge size and comfort. It’s great for long walks but not the most compact for travelling on public transport. But we really like the quality that the Fedora brand offers.

We were looking forward to Fedora’s launch of their L3 lightweight travel stroller because unlike many other strollers in this category, this one is packed with quality features and you don’t have to give up much. This is all there is to it when it’s folded:

Fedora L3 stroller

VERY compact. The same great comfort and quality that I have come to expect from the Fedora brand is in this model as well.

We’ve carried this stroller up and down buses, flights and taxis with no problems. It even fits as a carry on luggage! It wheels well on roads and pavements too.

Fedora L3 stroller

Guess which is heavier? My 8 month old baby or the Fedora L3 Stroller? :P

I tried using this when Nathen was a mere infant but I am still a strong believer in baby wearing so I used baby carriers till he could sit up by himself. I also felt like the L3 seat is a little too low for smaller babies. That’s just my personal take on it. At about 6 months old, we started using the Fedora L3 Stroller more regularly.

You know how we all live in tiny HDB flats these days so I really appreciated having a stroller that is so compact in size. The weight is at a mere 5.9kg making it lighter than my 8kg baby who is now at 8 months old.



Fedora L3 Stroller

Want to take selfie also cannot. He was busy playing with the safety bar in the picture. I love the thick and plush shoulder pads, and easy to use clasp on the five point safety harness. It’s very well made and I never needed to fumble with it.

Fedora L3 Stroller

I really like the red (there’s blue and purple too!). I don’t think it looks too girlish for my manly boy. Haha! Look at the basket at the bottom. It’s very spacious and I love putting a whole lot of stuff in there.

The canopy shade is pure luxury. It’s one of the sturdiest one around, go feel it yourself and you’ll agree.

Fedora L3 Stroller

Here’s a top down view of how the stroller looks like. On the seat, you’ll notice the black mesh material. I never really thought much about it until one day when Nathen had a biscuit in the stroller and the mesh material was actually a lot easier to clean up! #beentheredonethat

This stroller reclines completely to allow your child to lie flat and that’s quite a superb feature to have in a lightweight foldable travel stroller like the Fedora L3 Stroller.

Folding and opening the stroller is really simple however you do have to practice quite a lot to get the hang of it. Operating it with one hand and carrying your baby on the other hand is possible.

There are a lot of things to love about the Fedora L3 Stroller but if you asked me what is the key thing that would make me buy this stroller, I’ll tell you in a heartbeat that because I’ll buy it because it reclines fully AND that it’s so compact.

Fedora L3 stroller

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