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My Favourite Shortcut to Fat Loss

I’m on a mission to reduce my double chin. The fats that has gathered there over the years are getting to me.

Who wants a shortcut to fat loss? Or is it weight loss? People seem to use these terms interchangeably. But did you know weight loss and fat loss are not the same?

See, 2 persons with the similar height can weigh the same but look completely different because one has more fat deposits than the other and it shows on measuring tapes, mirrors, clothes, and… fat calipers.

Yup those don’t lie.

  • Fat loss is where fat cells are killed or removed. This means you have less fat cells in your body.
  • Weight loss is where the amount of fat in your fat cells decreases but the number of fat cells remain the same.

That means… your weight is really quite irrelevant. I’ve come to this realisation and that’s why my path to a healthier, fitter body is to focus on fat loss.

There are heaps of ways to lose fat but today I’m going to share with you a SHORTCUT to fat loss.

If you’ve been reading my aesthetics blog posts for a while now, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. In short, this 1 hour painless treatment reduces fat cells in a targeted area of your choice.

Yes you read that right! I went to Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics and I told him where I feel like I need to look a little slimmer.

reduce my double chin

CoolSculpting is a popular choice for large areas of fat like your arms, thighs, and tummy. Early this year, a smaller applicator called the CoolMini, also by Zeltiq, was launched and it certainly caught my attention because it can be used to freeze fats in small areas like your chin, bra fats, and knees!

My double chin has been bothering me lately. So at my last visit to him, I decided to ask Dr Terence Tan more about it. How can I reduce my double chin? Can CoolMini help with it?

Dr Terence Tan did a pinch test to determine which specific area to treat and how many sessions I would need. He also took out his body fat caliper and showed me how much fat I have under my chin before we started the treatment. This will help to measure my progress 3 months down the road when I’m back for a review.

reduce my double chin

See those marker lines that the doctor is drawing? That’s where the CoolMini by Zeltiq applicator goes. I like how careful Dr Terence Tan is with ensuring it’s placed at the right spot for maximum fat-freezing. Thank you Dr!

reduce my double chin

The Treatment Begins!

The treatment took 45mins on a super plush chair. Time flew because I can read magazines, books or use my phone. To ensure that the CoolMini applicator stayed in place, my head was carefully positioned within a headrest and secured with a band.

reduce my double chin

The fats under my chin was sucked into the CoolMini by Zeltiq applicator and stayed securely in place throughout the treatment. It was completely painless (and I hate pain) and I would totally do it again. Can’t wait to see how effective it is at helping to reduce my double chin!

reduce my double chin

I can exercise but with 2 kids, a full time job and this blog, I really have no time. And the CoolSculpting treatment is really too easy and convenient to say no to. Who would say NO to a shortcut?!

reduce my double chin

Now, I can’t WAIT to see results! :)

After the treatment, my under chin felt a little sore and tender to touch for 1 week. After that it was all back to normal. Slight redness also lasted for about an hour after the treatment. Some of you may experience bruising, which will disappear, but there was no bruising for me so nobody can tell I did something with my chin at all! ;) No downtime at all. I just eased back into normal life!

Check out the video here:

If you’d like more information about the CoolMini treatment, check out this article which highlights what goes on during treatment. A CoolMini treatment to reduce my double chin costs $980 per application.

Update 2nd April 2017: Here’s the result!!
Click to see if the CoolMini really did help to reduce my double chin!


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