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Burn fats burn!

My post natal massage slimming treatment at Nouri Face and Body Concepts has helped shape me back and helped me lose 8kg out of 11kg that I put on during pregnancy. I look fine now but I still have some flab to go. I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes now but I think I can still look better.

Since I am still on maternity leave and my helper is super good at taking care of Daniel, I’ve been sneaking out for 2-3 hours every now and then to pamper myself. One of the things on my list of beauty to-dos was to get back in shape. The problem is, it is recommended that I do not do any vigourous exercises till after 3 months post-birth.

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That, to me is a long time to wait to get back into shape and a long time to be so “dormant”. Pre-pregnancy I often go to the gym 1-2 times a week and am personally very active. So this change is quite unsettling to me.

3 months post-birth I am due to go back to work and I want to look my best!

Anyway, I went back to Valerie from Nouri Face and Body Concepts to seek slimming treatment. You know how slimming centres always tell you not to exercise while they use the machines on you to break down your fats and all? Well since I am can’t exercise now and can’t build muscles, I thought, what better time to seek slimming treatment than NOW!

The slimming packages at Nouri Face and Body Concepts are pretty attractive and since Valerie has helped me get back into shape so soon after pregnancy, she’ll definitely do good in helping me achieve better results.

I took up the Localised Slimming Treatment. This is how it goes:

1) Hot Blanket

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

This step is important in helping my body detoxify through sweating. Our pores are opened up so that the creams Valerie use on me can reach a deeper layer of the skin.

Nouri Face and Body Concepts
Look at how much sweat my body produced! Gosh!

2) Tummy Tone Express

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

Just to share how this step is – I literally lie down and do nothing but surf web on my phone for 45 mins and what happens is that the machine helps to exercise my ab muscles.

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

This treatment has great benefits like
– tightening loose and weak tummy muscles,
– toning a saggy tummy,
– regulating your menstrual cycle, and
– aids in digestion!

You feel vibrations on your tummy area and it is completely painless.

3) The G5!

Nouri Face and Body Concepts

Step 3 and the final step in the slimming treat is the G5 machine. I love and hate this step the most. I love because it is probably the step of the entire treatment that makes the biggest difference and also the most painful one as Valerie expertly manoeuvres the G5 machine all along your body, giving special attention to your problem areas. My problem areas are my upper back, my arms, my thighs, and my butt. Ok fine that’s like the whole body already.

Click the PLAY buttons below to watch the G5 in action on me!

(Left is the G5 on my thigh and Right is the G5 on my upper back)

But the pain is worth it! Valerie uses her body strength and technique that is honed by years of experience to ensure that the G5 machine breaks my body fat and cellulite apart properly. Cellulite and fat then exits my body via urine. So don’t be alarmed when you notice a few drops of oil in your urine after your treatment.

I have 10 sessions with Nouri Face and Body Concepts which I hope to complete in express time (before I go back to work). I think the pricing is pretty reasonable too. :)

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