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Best of both worlds – Pantene

I’m sure every girl has permed or dyed their hair and found that either the colour fades real quickly or hair just becomes dry and brittle.

I always advise that you should change your shampoo according to your latest hairstyle.

My hair is constantly pampered with hairdo updates by Caely from Shunji Matuso @ 313Somerset but homecare is just as important.

Your hair is most sensitive after a color or perm treatment at the salon. The chemicals strip your hair’s protective layer, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

One of my favourite non-salon brand is Pantene. Some people say Pantene makes their hair limp. But I think Pantene always makes my hair soft.

Being a beauty blogger myself, I decided to embark on a 14 Day Hair Challenge with Pantene just to see if the new Colour & Perm Lasting Care range works.

Here are the products from the range:

Pantene shampoo singapore photo SAM_0834_zpse07ebbeb.jpg

Use the (from L to R) Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Daily Intensive Conditioner daily. It helps with keeping your colour fresh and curls intact.

Once a week, use the Colour & Perm Lasting Care Intensive Hair Mask (the one in the box above) for deeper repair and longer retaining of colour and perm.

Here’s Day #1:

Pantene Shampoo photo panteneday1_zps764cb4d7.jpg

My hair has been bleached and colour some time ago, and now it’s all about taking care of it and trying to retain as much of the colour as possible! :) Let’s see how it goes! :) Stay tuned here.


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