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Symptoms and Treatment for Baby Colic

Baby Colic is a term used to describe uncontrollable crying in an otherwise healthy baby and usually shows up when a baby is around 2-3 weeks old. And Baby Colic is something I’ve read so much about and am so afraid of. As such, I have created a Baby Colic Care Kit to prevent and treat Baby Colic.

how to bath your newborn

Baby Daniel is such an angel except when he is showing signs of colic. :(

Causes of colic in baby include

1) A yet-to-mature digestive system/sensitive digestive system that is unable to process the proteins in breast milk or formula, leading to painful gas

2) Excessive screaming/crying can cause him to swallow a lot of air

3) Intake of excessive air from bottle feeding

4) Mother’s diet in breastfeeding moms (see this chart for a list of foods that may cause air in your baby)

I can’t control #1 but I can control #2, #3, #4.

Symptoms of Baby Colic

For Daniel, he refuses to sleep and has been crying fiercely for the past few days between 9 to 12mn everyday. It is super tiring. The husband comes home from work and we don’t get much couple time cos Daniel needs so much attention. :( And it is very heartbreaking and frustrating to hear him cry the way he does.

His belly is also looking slightly enlarged though I am not 100% sure. He also burps a lot, indicative of how much gas there is!

Treatment for Baby Colic

My Baby Colic Care Kit!

I try to avoid letting him cry too much to avoid letting more AIR into his body. And I have also been watching my diet to ensure I don’t intake any possible gas-causing foods while I am breastfeeding (strictly no garlic!).

Oh yes and the ever famous remedy every mother knows about – use of the Yu Yee Oil. I put 2 drops on my hand and rub it quickly till it heats up and then I will place it gently on my baby’s tummy for a few moments. Do this like 2-3 times around dinner time and your baby will feel better sooner.

I have also bought Colic Drops (you can buy from pharmacy) and I add the recommended dosage into his milk.

But the biggest change I have done since Daniel started showing signs of colic is to change the bottles I have been using.

Baby Colic

Yup. It’s always risky to switch bottle teats. And people always says how risky it is to bottle feed & latch at the same time too. All in the name of possible “nipple-confusion”.

But Daniel has been a great boy. Latching & taking a bottle like a champ. And changing to Comotomo is definitely for the better.

Why We Love Comotomo Bottles

♥ Award winner for Best Baby Bottle in the Mother & Baby Awards 2013
♥ Designed for breastfed babies

Colic Baby

It’s shape resembles a woman’s breast and prevents nipple confusion and bottle rejection – both of which are very real concerns of a mother. The bottle is also very nice to hold on to because of it’s unique squishy design!

♥ Anti-Colic

Colic Baby

This is what attracted me most. It has a consistent, even-flow with an anti-colic air-vent system (see above) to stop baby from gulping too much air. Gosh this is super perfect for my impatient baby who gulps his milk all the time & my always-distracted husband who never holds the bottle high enough, allowing the baby to suck half AIR and half MILK every time I don’t keep a close watch. -.- Anti-Colic milk bottle FTW!

Colic Baby

It’s also leak-free!

♥ Less chance of Bacteria Growth

While researching for which bottle to switch to, I read that Comotomo Bottles are made of medical grade silicone, a natural material that has no open pores to harbour bacteria, unlike plastic bottles which are easily scratched. And scratched bottles results in open pores for bacteria growth.

♥ Super easy cleaning

Colic Baby

It has a wide-neck opening (65mm wide) and allows me to really clean this bottle WELL. Great for prevention of fungus, mouth and bacteria growth.  My fingers & washing sponge can totally go all the way in.

I’m really glad I changed the bottles. :) Comotomo bottles are pricier than the usual brands but it’s totally worth it. I do want the best I can give to my Baby. Together with all the other colic-preventive measures I am taking, it’s with hope that Daniel will be less angry & uncomfortable soon! :)


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Price for 1 pack 150ml bottle: S$28.90
Price for 2 pack 150ml bottle: S$55.90

You can check out more information on these bottles here on PoshBaby.sg

Comotomo Singapore Facebook | PoshBaby Facebook | PoshBaby Website


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  1. Jen
    February 8, 2014 / 8:24 am

    Hang in there Ju Ann – colic is ROUGH!

    I know how terrible it feels when you can’t help your baby stop crying. Its so great that you’re sharing your experiences so that other parents going through this know that they’re not the only ones.

    If you’re still having trouble, there’s some encouraging new research that’s just come out of Italy about baby probiotics. (I’ve just published a book that covers a whole range of solutions for colic, including the pros and cons of each option).

    Take care,