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Dry Laundry Indoors Properly: Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier

I never knew how important and useful a dehumidifier is until I owned one. The Novita Dehumidifier is one of my most favourite gadget around the house. I use it to draw out moisture quickly in my rooms and occasionally use it to dry clothes indoors.  

Ever since I moved in to my own place, I’ve been hanging my laundry out by my corridor (just like everyone else in the same flat) to dry. My husband has since lost 2 nice jeans, 1 shirt, his favourite bermudas and sports top in the past year. Win loh…

For me? I don’t think I lost anything but I once caught a pervert touching my underwear. :O

Sigh, anyway, because of all the incidents, we usually hang our baby’s clothes in the house to dry. We have a dryer but the dryer takes up so much energy, makes so much noise and my clothes all come out crumpled. I have the washer+dryer at home now for 6 years now and I have ever only used it once. Yup no thanks dryer.

My biggest concern with drying clothes in the house is that the moisture is transferred to everywhere else in the room, leading to potential damage to my furniture/clothes/other valuables in the room because of the heightened levels of moisture in the air. Read everything you need to know about a Dehumidifier, what it does and why you need one. 

I never really thought of owning a Dehumidifier. It just somehow did not occur to me. I knew my mother-in-law in Hong Kong swears by it. Houses in Hong Kong are very small, she has no drying area and drys all her laundry in the toilet where there is a dehumidifier. All her laundry dries like within 6-8 hours.

Novita Dehumidifier

Anywayyyyy Novita Singapore has this LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier which they asked me to try out.

Novita Dehumidifier

I have been using heapsss and heapsss of these dehumidifiers (using a wide variety of brands) for years in my room. I change these whenever I remember once a month and it only collects like 400ml of moisture. Pretty much useless but I still use them because it makes myself feel better (somehow), knowing that I am doing something about the humidity in my room.

See, my wardrobe is just in front of my bathroom. Unavoidably, lots of moisture leftover from our showers do get to our wardrobe which is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

You can read more about the Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier here.

I decided to do a test with this product and see just how much moisture it can extract from my master bedroom. I placed it near my wardrobe, opened all my wardrobe doors and closed all doors and windows.

Novita Dehumidifier

Here’s how much water it retrieved. :O

Impressive isn’t it!! And it works so fast. You can literally go back every 10 mins and see the water level rise, I was definitely pretty amazed about that.

There is also a very noticeable difference when I walked in my room after 4 hours. It smells cleaner and it just feels drier and more comfortable. Being able to feel the difference is pretty amazing. I wasn’t expecting to be able to feel the difference at all (other than seeing water being collected)!

I did another test in Daniel’s room where we hang his freshly cleaned laundry.

Novita Dehumidifier

It took about 6 hours to have his clothes all completely dry! :) How useful!

Oh if you’re wondering, the LaundryFresh™ Enhancement Pack contains 24pcs of the Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter (see below piece of black filter) which helps to eliminate unpleasant odour from the air and garments before dehumidification begins. This is recommended to be replaced once a month. This is an optional product accessory so the Dehumidifier can work without this add-on.

Novita Dehumidifier

Inside the LaundryFresh™ Enhancement Pack is also the AirCare Air Steriliser NAS 300 which will proactively oxidise airborne germs and eliminate them. It also helps to freshen up the air quality. :) You just have to plug this add-on into a power supply and switch on when you are using the Novita Dehumidifier.


In summary, here’s what I like about the Novita Dehumidifier:

1. I love that it removes the moisture in the room so that the growth of mold and mildew is prevented. This is important to me.
2. I like how fresh my clothes smell even though they are all kept in a enclosed area with the Dehumidifier. Damp laundry usually doesn’t come out smelling nice if they are put in an enclosed area.
3. I can dry my clothes indoor without worrying about weather conditions, perverts, thieves, or inconsiderate people wiping dirty hands on my laundry as they pass along the corridor!
4. When I switch it on, it can dry everything in my room it, besides my laundry. Compared to the Thirsty Hippo-like Dehumidifiers, this definitely is more efficient! Time & cost efficient.
5. And it is also very easy to operate (see above images).

I do wish that it is of a smaller size but it definitely is very useful for my family. I think I will let the Dehumidifier run in my room once every 2 weeks from now on to remove all the moisture properly.


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To learn more about Novita, do check out their website and facebook.

Disclosure: I was given a Novita LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. Opinions are my own.