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Prenatal Body Massage at Nouri Face & Body Concepts

I was talking to my friend the other day, Jessie about how she copes with her third trimester pains and aches, and she recommended I check out Nouri Face & Body Concepts for the prenatal body massage she has been going for.

Prenatal body massages? REALLY? I didn’t even know there were prenatal massage services! I have gone to my usual foot reflexology place and they said no to me when I am pregnant! So I kinda just assumed no massage for preggies altogether.

Ok so I was wrong. I made an appointment with Valerie and had my prenatal body massage done last weekend. It was…….. an indulgence, and made me want to go back again very soon!

I’ve have gone through most of my pregnancy quite pain free but in this last trimester, it is getting to be quite a challenge to do my daily things normally. For one, the biggest problem I have is the back pain that I constantly have in the right side of my back. It wasn’t till recently that I realised the importance of our back. It makes walking, sitting, laughing, moving all challenging without a healthy back. :/

The massage room she led me into was lovely!

Although my stomach is big and all, she positioned me on the massage bed comfortably. She made me lie on my side, and started with long, firm strokes on my upper back and lower back, followed by my legs and butt. She knew exactly where to apply pressure and I found myself enjoying it.

prenatal massage

She used this special JOJOBA massage oil that she prepared on the spot. This carefully blended Jojoba massage aromatherapy oil has added ingredients that ensures that the mother’s skin is kept well hydrated, elastic and smooth. It’s also free from harmful additives such as mineral oil, paraben and extracts. Using only cold pressed oils such as jojoba and sweet almond which are derived from nuts and fruits, the oil is safe for babies and yields therapeutic benefits to the new mum.. Essential oils used are of the highest quality. ^^

The massage was very comfortable, very soothing. We chatted throughout the whole massage too! She said I should have gone to her earlier and I wouldn’t have as much water retention as I do now. :/ She recommends doing prenatal massage twice a month and although I came to her late, but better than never. :)

Prenatal body massage detoxifies and helps to reduce water retention will make mummies look shapelier during pregnancy and it will also be easier to get back into your pre-pregnancy weight and shape.

I asked her why she chose to start this business, and why pre and post natal services… and she shared that it’s her passion. She really liked that she could help people achieve their beauty goals. She’s very committed and loves her work. :) You’ll also want to know that all treatments are done by Valerie herself! She’s some kickass superwoman, balancing a growing business and 3 kids (without a helper!).

After the massage, I felt super light and relaxed. My back was definitely a lot better and it felt like I could fall into a deep sleep immediately. It was such a good prenatal body massage. She mentioned that I might have a fever because my body is pushing out all the toxins after the massage but I didn’t and I felt really chilled out the whole day after the massage. :)

prenatal massage

She also gave me a little sample bottle for the stretch marks that I am already getting. Hopefully this will help with reducing it! :/

The service you get here is personal and with passion. You can tell if someone is just doing it because they are paid to. She shared her experience with raising her 3 boys and her hopes and dreams for Nouri Face & Body Concepts. And here I am as well, recommending that you give Valerie a try too.

prenatal body treatment

That’s Valerie! :)

She’s offering all my readers something extra with any of the following prenatal services booked! Do quote my name “Ju Ann” when you make a booking to find out what’s the latest promotion! :)

Do send her an inquiry via her form here to see what she recommends for you.

Service menu for pregnant mummies

Prenatal body massage
helps to relieve aches, pains, tired nerves
Prenatal facial
deeply relaxing aromatic facial to help combat hormonal acne flare up and pigmentation problems
Prenatal Brazilian waxing
Prenatal tired legs therapy 
an excellent maintainance treatment for mums who stand and walk frequently
Prenatal body polish
thoroughly cleanses skin in all the hard to reach areas
Prenatal wraps
helps new mum to relax and reduces water retention at the same time

I have also engaged Valerie for my post natal slimming treatment which you can read more about here.


Update April 2016: I’m pregnant with baby 2 and engaged Valerie again for her prenatal massage and postnatal treatments! Read more here!


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